What You Need To Know About Bodyweight Exercises?

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So you’ve got no dumbbells, or medicine balls? No problem. That’s where bodyweight exercises come into play.

Bodyweight exercise routines are a great way to get into fantastic shape. And, the beauty is that you can do them almost anywhere.

If you’re trying to get in shape but just lack the money to purchase an expensive set of dumbbells or barbells, or those super expensive multi function home gym machines, don’t worry.

You can still get your body into shape with a weight you already have. It’s your body. When you combine that with an exercise ball, you’ve got exactly what you need to get that leaner, more toned body you want.

The great thing about bodyweight exercise routines is that since you’re taking the weight wherever you go, you can do them almost anywhere. And, since your exercise ball is also very portable you’ve got your own “home gym” even when you’re not at home.

Put your exercise ball in the car on your next road trip. When you’re ready to work out just whip it out and after a quick warm up you’re good to go. You can even deflate your ball, put it in your suitcase (don’t forget your pump), and when you get to wherever you’re traveling, all you have to do is pump it back up and you’re ready for your workout. That’s a great way to stave off jet lag by the way.

A bodyweight only exercise routine is also a good break from weightlifting. The body needs variety. If you’re ready for a change of pace, just switch to bodyweight exercises for 3 to 4 weeks. By the time you’re done you’ll still be in great shape. In fact, you may find that you’ve even lost a few pounds of fat. You’re body will be refreshed and ready to hit the weights again.

What You Need To Know About Bodyweight Exercises?

About their only limiting factor is the lack of overload. Your bodyweight doesn’t really change too often (barring massive weight loss or weight gain), or if it does, not by very much. So, in order to get progressively better workouts you’d have to resort to doing more and more repetitions.

Eventually your workouts would get ever longer and would probably cease to be productive, as well as getting boring. That’s why I’ve added a few “twists” to many of the exercises that make them more difficult to perform. You’ll get the overloading effect without adding any undue weights.