What you need to know about cat art?

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Cats are sleek in their movements, their grace has captured the artists imagination.  Did you know that many an artist and scholar has owned cats thought the ages. They seem to be there sitting on their desk as we write our thoughts, and our novels. The artist has their muse sitting near in their studio while they sculpt or paint.

So what is it about the cat that has made them, so much the artists companion? I think it may have something to do with their quite closeness to creative people, they seem to enrich our thoughts and lives. Quite and subtle, they do not barge through an artists studio, they sit watch and curl up near you while you do your work.

I know that when I work, it is nice to have your feline companion close, sleeping most of the time, the comfort  is knowing that you are together.

One of my cats, did go a little far the other day when I was painting, Having put my painting down on the table, he saw fit to walk over it. So here I was carrying this big lump into the kitchen to wash his paws before he left a trail of colorful paw prints thought the house.

Have you look at some paintings, and I am also talking about paintings of hundreds of years ago, where you might see a cat in the corner, on a lap, piece of furniture. They have crept into their artist owners lives.

The cats stealth and fine lined to fluffy brilliance has inspired us. We are drawn to complementing their form onto canvas and also three dimensional form.

What you need to know about cat art?

And if you are like me, I also have brought art pieces myself from other artists that hang up or stand in my home.

The cats is a wonderful subject and we are going to explore the possibilities of how this subject has, and will inspire our artistic capabilities.

I have also added some pages of cats that I would like you to have a look at and appreciate the different forms of the cat in its own majesty.