What you need to know about eating for antiaging?

There are the basics to consider when eating for antiaging – things like water intake, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, good fats, and raw foods. Nutrition can seem very complicated because of all the mixed messages that bombard us these days!

I believe that most aging results from improper nutritional support at the cellular level. So it stands to reason that antiaging can occur if we provide our cells what they need in order to be healthy.

We must attempt to eat wholesome foods whenever possible, especially those containing no white sugar or flour. And one third of our food should be eaten raw. In other words, when eating for antiaging, we need plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are alive. They contain the enzymes our bodies need to digest them. I particularly like my fruit to be raw and eaten separate from any other foods. Many years ago, when I first heard this concept, I realized I always got an upset stomach when I ate foods like banana bread or apple pie. Once I got thinking about it, I realized the stomach upset could be from cooking fruits or combining them with other food categories. When I eat fruits alone, then eat other foods at least thirty minutes later, I have no ill effects from the food combinations.

What you need to know about eating for antiaging?

There are a lot of books available that present food combining ideas. I agree with some of them, but the only one I really follow is to eat raw fruit alone on an empty stomach.

Vegetables combine well with other foods and assist our digestion of the proteins and carbohydrates we eat.

In general, we should be conscious of eating less processed or fried foods and more healthful, natural foods.