What you need to know about eco friendly clothing?

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I am sure you might have heard of eco friendly clothing if you have a little bit of interest in going green and the beneficial effects of eco friendly products. With the threat of global warming looming over us eco friendly products are finding a place in our day to day life, ranging from shopping bags to beauty product.

Eco friendly clothing has been largely influenced by organic products from around the world. Eco friendly clothes are made from organic fibers that come from bamboo, corn and organic cotton.

Moving on, I learn that even making a simple tee-shirt involves consumption of close to 1/3 lbs of agricultural chemicals which include harmful products like ammonia and formaldehyde. On the brighter side, eco friendly clothing is manufactured either without or very less synthetic chemicals or pesticides. This in turn results in less pollution and eco friendly clothes being the choice of today’s eco conscious generation.

What you need to know about eco friendly clothing?

Contributing to this trend are environment friendly designers, who get their hands dirty in working towards a better environment. Designers have added the oomph! Factor to eco friendly clothing and made it no less fashionable than their conventional counterparts. Designers are using organic cotton and natural dyes which are free from hazardous chemicals and they are leaving no stone unturned to bring out the best in style, cut and patterns to keep pace with the fast growing demand.

Taking a leaf out of the designers’ books are top brands like Wal-Mart and Nike. While Wal-Mart is stuffing its shelves with eco friendly clothes, Nike has been riding the wave of eco friendly clothes culture and has ambitious targets of reaching out to the masses with its eco friendly line of clothes. Another brand doing its bit is “Del Forte” which is manufacturing jeans using 99% organic cotton and 1% spandex.

The industry for eco friendly clothing has seen a northward movement in the last few years. The countries leading the campaign are India, Turkey, Tanzania, China, Syria, Peru, Egypt, USA and Burkina Faso. One of the major reasons that can be attributed to this development is the rich organic cotton production in all these countries. As you know cotton happens to be one of most important ingredient in manufacturing clothes. Recently Texas Organic Exchange stated that the cultivation of organic cotton has increased to 152% in the year 2007-08. That shows that we are on the right track when it comes to organic clothes.

With “Living Good, Living Green” being the mantra of today’s youth, we were not too far behind creating an eco conscious brigade of young people.

Here we are in “Green age”, so whether you plant a tree, use paper shopping bags, organic vegetables, recycled gold, vegan shoe or handspun fabric, as long as you and me do our bit to give back to the Earth, we are surely on the “Green track”.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the road, get yourselves a pair of eco friendly dress and flaunt your appetite for saving nature.