What you need to know about eco friendly flooring?

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“As I tip toe from the wet grass on to my wooden deck, I feel a sense of delight” , my eco friendly flooring gives me a sense that my little home has elements doing good to the green pastures and the fresh air around me.

Having a space you call home or setting up your work space is always exciting and you instantly get into the detailing, but how often have you thought of going the Eco friendly way? From building materials to flooring we can be the difference, instead of waiting for a miracle to happen and reverse the act of Global Warming.

When it comes to flooring, there is no doubt that Wood is the choice, for it can transform an open space and make it feel like home or bring in a sense of old world sophistication.

But having said that, spare a thought for those trees which face the axe for every square foot of wood you lay on your floors, how long and far can we take from Nature, its after all about ecological balance right?

As we beautify our homes and work spaces, the depleting sources of rain, exposure to the Ozone layer and breathing in harmful gases and smoke will only have adverse affects on us Humans.

What you need to know about eco friendly flooring?

In our struggle to wake up and spread awareness, there have emerged a relatively large number of organizations which offer eco friendly flooring options.

What are your options with eco friendly flooring you wonder and what is the compromise you are heading in for?

Well, the compromise is tiny compared to its benefits, you can still have your space looking pretty with lookalike wooden flooring which range from teak to Oak and even Stone finishing for your wet spaces! These materials promise to give you the look and feel of their original counterparts and once it is laid out, it is hard to tell where they came from.

This thought brings me to a company I know of amongst many more who are doing their bit in this direction – Total Environment. This is an organization started by a young entrepreneur who started out small and today has a built a name for himself as big and buzzing as his buildings. This company true to its name believes in going the green way, while making spaces your home.

If you thought aesthetics were concerns I know you are up for a pleasant surprise as the approach has added a new dimension to building aesthetics. They stand by their idea and vouch that besides being maintenance-free, these materials age beautifully with time. That means going the eco friendly way you will get elegance that speaks volumes about your taste for great style and at the same time you get the feeling of having contributed in your own small way to preserve the eco system.

So here we have the verdict, where there is will there is a way! Being aware is the beginning, but the journey truly begins when we stand up and take a vow to inculcate the change in our everyday lives.