What You Need To Know About Engagement Proposals?

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Engagement proposals should be fun, romantic, exciting and unforgettable but definitely not dull and lifeless. How you personally go about it really ought to be based on what you know about your partner.

Unusual or unique marriage proposals such as a mystery treasure hunt do add a lot of fun to the mix but some women would prefer less energetic, more romantic wedding proposals like the clichéd ring in the champagne glass over a romantic meal for two.

I’m sure you could think of better ideas than the champagne glass right? Just make sure she doesn’t accidentally swallow the ring!

In most cases the biggest surprise and excitement for her will be the awesome sight of the sparkling diamond (or other) engagement ring that’ll knock her completely over. But that said, if you’re going to spend thousands on a diamond engagement ring then at least have a little forethought for how you’re going to present it.

What If I Don’t Plan Ahead?

Engagement proposals that aren’t examined carefully from the outset will likely end in a “No”. If you’re not sure of her feelings towards you, or if things don’t feel right then err on the side of caution and postpone the proposal event.

What You Need To Know About Engagement Proposals?

Communicate truthfully with your partner until you feel comfortable enough to know that you’ll be successful in a marriage commitment let alone an engagement proposal.

When you’ve reached that stage you will have set her alarm bells ringing so hold off for a while until you know she’ll genuinely be surprised by your marriage proposal.

Know Her Expectations

It’s up to you to know your limits and to know her expectations of you. They say that love is blind, but this can work against you as well as work in your favor.

If you know her expectations in advance then you’re not likely to disappoint her at the crucial moment, but don’t just take her word for it. Do a little background digging to make sure she’s not just saying things to please you.

If she loves you so much she will want to protect your feelings at the expense of her own, but remember that women are from Venus and they don’t always believe their own words and thoughts.

Engagement proposals are best handled with as many facts as possible. Ask around the people who’ve known her for years and then collate your knowledge into a loose tactical resumé that can be used to prepare the final solution.

Even so, she might be more enthusiastic than you first thought and beat you to it. If she proposes to you then congratulations! Don’t feel guilty that you didn’t get there first, instead appreciate what you’ve got and make the most of it, you’re a lucky man!

How To Avoid Disappointment

Engagement proposals on the fly are usually a bad idea because you’ll tend to open your mouth at the wrong time with the wrong words and in a very un-romantic setting. Not that spontaneity is a bad thing but good “spontaneous” engagement proposals should be carefully thought about in advance.

Make sure you’re in a romantic setting away from anything that could land you in hot water. The last thing you want is to get carried away and do something in the name of love that’s likely to get you arrested, or to inadvertently spoil the surprise.

Successful engagement proposals need a few well blended  ingredients. The basic criteria are as follows:

It needs to be a memorable (happy) event that’s not too contrived, a little spontaneous with unplanned moments, set in a pressure free, scenic or memorable location where the right words and actions can frame the scene in a sincere, emotional ambiance

The single most important factor needed in order to carry out successful engagement proposals is self control. It’s no good trying to act like pepé le pew (The sauvé, French speaking romantic cartoon skunk) or trying to be someone you’re not.

Just be yourself and tell it from the heart and you’ll be able to pull off the surprise without raising an inkling of suspicion and that way you’ll get a favorable reaction.

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men?

Some men go to the trouble of planning intricate engagement proposals that involve her friends and family. This is a fantastic idea but unless you can trust all of them to keep the surprise intact you could end up spoiling the whole thing.

Similarly, if you’re not a good liar then keep your engagement proposal simple yet effective, there’s nothing worse than her being disappointed because she saw through your attempts at surprise from day one.

Anything that will ruin the surprise will ultimately bring about deep disappointment. Most women dream about engagement proposals and being swept off their feet. Don’t be the man who bursts the bubble, even if she says yes, subconscious deep seated resentment could be one of the side effects!

P>S> Don’t forget about her father. Asking her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage is a tradition that goes way back in history. Why upset your in-laws and your intended bride to be by not informing and asking her parents, especially if there is strong evidence of a close father-daughter relationship?