What You Need To Know About Fat Burning Exercises

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Fat burning exercise performed on an exercise ball can help you melt away the pounds. If you’ve been doing the any of the exercise routines outlined in the “workout routines” section of this website, then you already know how effective exercising on an exercise ball is.

Now, you’re about to put the power of the exercise ball to work for you in your quest to a slimmer, trimmer, leaner body.

To be completey honest, just about any type of exercise can be considered fat burning. Body building in particular, or working out for muscular hypertrophy, can lead to fat loss because the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns, even when you’re standing still.

But body building type workouts are specific for building muscle. Yes, some fat loss will occur, but you can tailor your exercise routine to be even more fat loss specific.

Fat burning exercise routines are performed a bit differently than other types of training, such as body building, or strength training. When working out specifically for fat burning, it’s important to keep the rest periods very short.

What You Need To Know About Fat Burning Exercises

By very short I mean under 60 seconds. In fact, you’ll get better results if you keep them even shorter than that. Essentially, you’re training in a circuite style fashion where you perform one exercise, and then with very little, or no rest, you go on to the next. I’ll explain this further later on.

This is due in part to the fat burning effect that short rest periods have on the body. There’s an ongoing debate as to why this type of training causes fat loss.

Some say it’s because the lactic acid build up that short rest periods produces releases fat burning hormones into the body. Others think that it’s the aerobic effect that circuit style training produces, and this is what causes the fat loss.

Does it really matter why it works? I thought not.

No matter what the reason, fat burning exercise routines DO work, and without having to do any undo extra cardio like riding the bike, or spending hours on the treadmill.

In fact, fat burning exercise routines usually take no more than 30 minutes, and 20 minutes is more common. You perform these routines from 2 to 4 days per week, and if you’re a superman, and super advanced, you could probably even work out 6 times per week.