What you need to know about learned helpless?

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Learned helpless? The two experiments below may tell you something…

Two groups of dogs were separately caged with electric shock on the ground. In one cage dogs could bump one board to stop the electric shock, the other could not. After some time, all dogs were led to a places with shock on the ground, but now surrounded by hedges. The first group of dogs jumped out while the 2nd group stayed and endured the shock, they also showed no interest in everything like the depression symptom.

Another experiment, two group of people were placed in noisy environments. One group could push a button and stop the noise, the other could not. Then they were led to one room in order. There was a switch to stop the noise, those who could stop the noise earlier could find the switch fast, while the other didn’t try, and afterwards they showed no interests in joining games and stay in the corners.

The attitude of believing they can not do anything causes the depression. There is a saying about insanity: Continue to do the same thing and expect different results.

What you need to know about learned helpless?

To gain more control…

1) Check your belief

Does anything you believe stop you?

2) Think positively

Spend more time trying to find a way. Spend time doing something improves that skill, and it’s the same for the positive thinking.

3) Action

It’s actions that really make things change.