What you need to know about NLP (neuro linguistic programming)?

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NLP (neuro linguistic programming) can help you in personal growing, learning, health and communication. The principles are similar to cognitive therapy, and also emphasizes on “programming”, the ways to help you break old patterns.

Based on the researches of people who excel in some aspects and people who overcome some difficulties, the experience summed up to several presumptions of NLP…

All your experiences are information stored in your brain and nervous system

People act based on their interpretations of the world

You can change your body and emotions by changing mind, and vice versa.

There is no failure, only feedback

And the process guide…

What you need to know about NLP (neuro linguistic programming)?

1) Choose one goal

• Describe your goal as what you want, not what you don’t want.

For example, change “I don’t want to eat so much fast food” to “I want to eat more healthily.”

• Your goal must depend almost by yourself, not by others

“Know yourself” is better than “recognized by others”

2) Know the evidence when you achieve the goal

“I want to be more successful” is not clear, but “I want to be a good dad/mom/friend” or “I want to have financial freedom” is more specific.

3) Check obstacles

Know what holds you back.

4) Search for more references

These references support belief. Try to find them, it will help you change your mindset

5) Make a plan (optional)

By checking your plan and reality you can focus on what you still need to do.

The principles are simple, though it may be complex when applying to different cases.

Possible applications…

1) Cure phobia and anxiety

- normal phobia and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

- stage fright

2) Heal sadness

3) Addiction self help

4) Improve communication

5) Cure illness