What You Need To Know About Platinum Engagement Rings?

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Platinum engagement rings are the ultimate in precious metal ring designs and with superior strength, beauty and excellent hypoallergenic properties they are very hard to surpass.

Platinum is the toughest of all the precious jewelry metals and that’s why it’s extensively used to hold precious gemstones like diamonds securely in place. A six prong setting is the best for guarding against heavy knocks and loss of the gemstone from the setting What You Need To Know About Platinum Engagement Rings? .

Some platinum engagement rings are ready set whilst all good jewelers supply platinum ring mountings without the center stone so that you can choose your loose gemstone first and then have it set into the shank later.

This is especially relevant with diamonds, and because of their relative high cost, it’s always better to choose a good quality stone in your budget range first and then choose the platinum mounting that fits the size and shape of the stone afterwards.

History Of Platinum And The Engagement Ring

Platinum as with a many other precious gemstones and metals was first adored and adorned by the Egyptians and ancient South American cultures.

What You Need To Know About Platinum Engagement Rings?

Platinum didn’t become widespread in jewelry making until the beginning of the 20th Century and this was the dawn of the platinum engagement ring era. This was partly due to two factors:

  • The rarity of the material – it takes 10 tons of platinum infused ore to produce one ounce of pure platinum!
  • The very high melting point of platinum makes it harder to work with, although by today’s standards titanium is a pig to work with compared to platinum.

For platinum to be termed “pure” it must be 95% pure or 950 parts per 1,000. It was a gemologist working at Tiffanys who helped bring this system about and it was Tiffanys who virtually invented the platinum engagement ring as we know it today.

Platinum is beautiful, rare, hypoallergenic and extremely hard wearing so the platinum engagement ring is set to be around for a few years yet!