What You Need To Know About Snowboard Bindings

Picking out snowboard bindings isn’t something that should take you a few seconds to do, you need to take into account the type of terrain you’ll be using, and what style of binding you prefer to use. Each style has its benefits and Downfalls.

Click in bindings

Make life easier as you do not have to spend all day sitting in the snow trying to get your bindings done up, you can hop off the chair and be on your way.

On the downside there ankle support is not as superior as that of strap in bindings. You may also find that on days boarding in fresh powder, the click in components of the binding may become clogged with snow making binding in slightly harder.

Strap in Bindings

Provided superior ankle support, as technology advances, they become easier and quicker to use, and the materials they are made of are becoming much more effective in the cold temperatures, and newer ones easy to be used standed up and allowing you to bind in fast.

What You Need To Know About Snowboard Bindings

The Downside for some strap bindings is that they can take longer then click in ones, like click ins on powdery days, bindings with out back supports all the way down the back of the leg tend to fill up with snow, making it hard and frustrating to put on bindings, and meaning more time sitting down in the snow.

How Do I Find Out What Suits Me!

Depends on the year of production, materials, style, components and so on of the binding, some may be more suitable then others, so it pays to think about these things in advance and while looking for bindings, in order to get the best deal.