What You Need To Know About Solar Homes?

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When the discussion of solar homes comes up, many people do not realize that there are basically two types. Often we only think about “solar power” and don’t even consider “passive solar heating”.

Powering your home using a solar panel system is great, but did you know that there are styles of building that enable you to capture the heat of the sun during the day to warm your home too? You can also use solar hot water to save on your hot water heating bills.

Today’s technology is improving greatly. The solar electric panels available in the 70′s produce no where near the available power in a solar cell today – and although cloud cover may reduce output somewhat, that’s OK. At today’s prices, and with all the new fees that the utility companies dream up – building a “passive solar designed home” completely powered by alternative energy isn’t such a crazy idea.

If you’re wanting to go fully off-grid, you may want to consider also harnessing the wind with a small back-up or boost system if your area is subject to long over-cast spells. Again, the technology in this field has also come a long way.

What You Need To Know About Solar Homes?

Heck, for heating, perhaps a geo-thermal heat pump is also a go for you, depending on your budget.

Whatever you decide, it would be prudent to research your suppliers and contracts before hand. If you can, let’s all do our part to help take the strain off of our environment.