What you need to know about solar roof tiles?

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What are solar roof tiles and why you should be paying close attention to it?

The very fact that you are reading this article is a testimony to the fact that you realize the importance of using solar energy in order to meet your day to day energy requirements at home and office.

We all know, with the increasing energy costs and fast depleting natural non renewable resources it’s time for us to focus on harnessing energy from cleaner and renewable forms of energy like solar energy.

But even though we know we got to use it, the expenses involved in setting up the facility and very long payback period make it difficult for house owners to go for solar energy. Just imagine when you would be looking at a huge investment and the payback period would be in excess of 15 years to set up a solar energy extraction unit in the form of solar panels.

If this has been your problem that has kept you away from using solar energy then the solar roof tiles may be the ideal product for you.

What you need to know about solar roof tiles?

Solar roof tiles are specially designed tiles for your roof that have the capacity of converting the solar energy falling on it into other usable forms of energy like heat and light. These solar roof tiles are otherwise known as solar shingles. Solar tiles have found wide spread use for heating purposes in households and offices. For example the hot water from shower could be obtained by using such tiles.

So how solar shingles are different from solar panels and what are the pressing reasons for using solar roof panels?

Here are a few answers to your questions

  • One of the major reasons why more and more households are shifting towards the use of solar roof tiles is the high cost of electricity. Solar tiles can supplement and in some cases replace electricity from the grid.
  • The solar tiles for roofs nowadays have an authentic design that complements the design of the house. This is one of the problems with solar panels which when placed on roofs become an eye sore.
  • Unlike solar panels, solar shingles are ergonomically designed for easy installation and un installation. So you will save on the money that you would have spent on hiring professional help for installation.
  • Solar tiles or shingles are light weight and do not need any extra reinforcement as is the case more often than not with heavy solar panels.
  • Another important aspect in which solar roof tiles score better than traditional solar panels is maintainability. Shingles are easier to maintain and are being used in more and more houses today.

Equipped with all that information on solar roof tiles, I hope you will find it easy to make an informal decision on whether or not to use it.

Let us all do our small bit towards preserving our nature and the planet for future generations by going the green and clean energy way.