What you need to know about the CD turnables?


Cd turntables are awesome, but lets face the facts… Most of us don’t have the luxury of picking hundreds off the money tree in the backyard every time the latest must have piece of technology hits the market. Cd turntable manufacturers appear to understand this and so have divided their digital turntables into a couple of market segments.  There’s the cheap segment, which you will want to steer clear of even though the price tags may be attractive. Then you have the low end and finally, the awe-inspiring high end cd turntable.  The following reviews will help you decide where to spend the money that’s burning a hole in your pocket, and make you feel like a well informed consumer, all at the same time.

HIGH END – Technics sl-dz1200

Technics captured the look and feel of their industry standard design with this digital rendition of their 1200 series analog turntable. They look a lot like their analog cousins, from the pitch slider, down to the play/pause buttons, and that’s cool. The Technics sl-dz1200 plays mp3s as well as .wav files, provides the option to play music via compact disc or SanDisk (SD) memory card, and has a built in sampler.

Pitch Lock – Pitch lock allows the dj to speed up or slow down a song with out altering the song’s pitch. The sl-dz1200 makes a distinctly digital sound while scratching when the pitch lock is engaged. This has caused some controversy across the internet, but shouldn’t be a showstopper. If you’re into turntablism then you more then likely don’t use the pitch lock to mix and if you’re  a non-scratching dj then it wouldn’t affect you either.

What you need to know about the CD turnables?

Spinning Platters – This feature sets the Technics sl-dz1200 apart from most of the competition, and plays  a huge part in providing that authentic turntable feel.  If you’re into turntablism at all, or think you may want to be at some point, then this feature is a must.

Around the net it seems that people either absolutely love or absolutely hate the Technics sl-dz1200, with relatively no middle ground in existence. Those who love it understand that its design and feel set it apart from the cd turntables on the market. Those who hate it, harp on load time and the digital sound emitted while scratching with the pitch lock function engaged. In the end personal preference will prevail, but the Technics sl-dz1200 is a great digital turntable that really captures the essence of its analog counterparts.

LOW END – Denon DN-S1000

When people talk about low end equipment, the thought of something substandard comes to mind. That just isn’t the case with this digital turntable. Denon has been producing quality professional dj cd players for years and the DN-S1000 is no exception.  Although its platters do not spin, this Denon cd player has many of the same features as its more expensive counterparts, such as built in effects, looping, and the ability to play mp3s. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive models, but would serve as a great entry level cd player that will provide room to grow, whether you’re just getting into djing or just getting into digital djing.  Its made by Denon so quality is a given.

For roughly the same price as a new analog turntable, you can step into the digital world and get caught up with the rest of humanity. With its modest feature set and relatively low price, this cd player is definitely worth a look if you’re thinking about going digital.