What You Need To Know About The College Study Grants?

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It is important that you understand exactly what a grant is. A grant is different from a student loan and is different from a student scholarship as well. With student loans you have to pay back, however, with a grant you will never have to repay. When it comes to scholarships, usually they are based on merit; however, grants are based on your financial need. There are a variety of different grants out there, and you need to be aware of them so you can find the help that you need to go to college.

Federal Grants: When you are looking for college study grants, the first place you are going to want to start looking is the federal government. There are several different grants that are offered on a federal level, which can provide you with quite a bit of money that will go towards college. If you want to apply to get federal government grants, you are going to have to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you don’t fill out this form, then you will not be eligible for these grants, so be sure that you take the time to fill out this form. The following are four different types of grants that are offered by the United States Government.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: One type of grant that is offered by the federal government is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, also known as the FSEOG. This is a program that is campus based and it helps to assist people who have financial challenges, along with the Pell Grant. You may be awarded an amount that is somewhere between $100 and $4000. Some of the things that will determine whether you can get this grant include what you get for your Pell Grant, how much your tuition is, any other grants and scholarships, and the policies on financial aid at your University.

What You Need To Know About The College Study Grants?

SMART Grant: Another grant from the federal government is the Smart Grant, which stands for the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant. You can get up to $4000 from this grant and it is awarded to only students who are in their third or forth year who have low income families. To be eligible you have to get the Pell Grant, you must have a good academic record, and you must be majoring in a foreign language that is high need or a SMET field.

Pell Grant: The most popular grant offered by the federal government is the Pell Grant. There are millions of college students that receive this grant. The amount that you can be awarded changes from time to time and you have to be enrolled in college to get it. The government looks at your tuition costs, whether you are a full time or part time student, what your family can afford to contribute, and how long you will be studying, when deciding if you are eligible for this grant.

Academic Competitiveness Grant: This grant was developed to reward and encourage students in their first or second year of college that come from low income families. Their academics must be great and the applicants must show both need and merit to get this scholarship. You must be going to school full time and your GPA must stay at 3.0 or higher. In your first year you can get $750 and your second year you can get up to $1300.

There are also grants that are available on a state level as well, and every state has different grants available. If you qualify for grants from the federal government, you have a good change of qualifying for grants on a state level as well. Believe it or not, most states offer many different grants, but you do have to be a resident of that state in order to get their grants. So, if you are interested in seeing what grants your state has to offer, consider checking out the website for higher education in your state and seeing what grants are available and how you can apply for them.

If you happen to be a minority, there are special grants that may be offered just for you. You can find different grants that are minority specific, such as for Native Americans, for Hispanics, or even for African Americans. Asian students can also find minority grants available as well. Women are considered to be minorities as well, and there are some grants available just for women.

College study grants are also available to students who are going into a specific field of study. These are called academic grants and there are many of them available. Most of them are based on need and usually on your academic performance as well. Some of the study categories that you can find grants in include Agriculture, African Studies, the Arts, Anthropology, Computers, Business, Hospitality, Math, Journalism, Music, and many more.