What You Need To Know About The Diamond Ring?

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It would be very difficult to find any jewelry stores that do not carry diamond rings or other diamond jewelry. King and Queens, and in the 20th century, ordinary people have been able to buy diamond jewelry. Thanks to a great ad campaign by DeBeers in 1940′, “A Diamond is Forever.” made people want more diamond jewelry.

Although there are many precious gemstones such as Rubys and Sapphires, diamonds are most coveted of all precious gemstones. Diamonds are exquisite gemstones that go through a long, tedious refining process from the time they are pulled from the ground to when you see them in the jewelry store.

The prices of diamond rings vary from a few hundred dollars to over a million dollars. These prices are influenced by the prices of diamonds.

Consumers do not seem to care if they are under a strong influence of many ad campaigns to buy diamond rings, as long as they have the diamonds in their possession. Many diamonds are in clear color, and some of them are in blue, yellow, brown and pink (very precious colored diamonds nowadays).

What You Need To Know About The Diamond Ring?

By another ad campaigns by De Beers, consumers hold onto their family’s diamond jewelry and to cherish them as heirlooms, and it worked quite well. These ads eliminated the aftermarket for diamonds, which further enabled De Beers to control the market. Without people selling their diamonds back to jewelers or to other people, so the demand for new diamonds keep increasing.

What You Need To Know About The Diamond Ring?

When you buy a diamond ring, make sure you would study, at least, about carats (weight), color, cut and clarity. These four elements would affects the prices of loose diamonds, which affects the prices of the diamond rings. If diamonds come with certifications created by prestigious diamond laboratories, such as GIA, HRD, IGI and EGL, their certification usually explains the classes of color and clarity, carats and cuts of diamonds.

What You Need To Know About The Diamond Ring?

Most jewelry stores give you stores’ certifications of the diamonds jewelry you purchase. However, these certifications are not treated as serious as the ones released by the above Associations or Laboratories. When you are going pay for more than a few thousand dollars, it would wise to look for diamond rings or jewelry certified by worldly recognized organizations.

Though diamonds are made of carbon, they will likely to continue to be a highly coveted jewel.