What you need to know about the eco friendly jewelry?

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Jewelry in its every form has lured women across the globe, so what’s the case with eco friendly jewelry?

Ever heard of it, or given it a thought?

Well, it’s time to think about how we can keep our preserve our environment while we feel pretty with those lovely pieces we adorn.

The world is “Going Green” and human race has finally woken up and realized that it is time to say “Preserve or perish”. And amongst all things pretty, jewelry has always had that special place in every women’s life. So, if we women could still satisfy our desire for all things precious and do our bit towards saving the Earth with eco friendly jewelry, don’t you think it will be a gratifying deed at the end of the day?

Some food for thought, have you ever wondered how each piece of yellow metal and gleaming diamond beauties are brought to you? Mining has been the source to bring these precious metals to life, but this process disturbs the eco-system. And the fact that jewelry has an immense amount of cultural importance it is impractical to end its use. So, turning to eco friendly jewelry seems to be the way forward.

The most common form of Eco-Friendly jewelry seen around us today is Terracotta jewelry, and personally my favorite too. Literally translating to “Baked earth”; Terracotta jewelry is range of eco friendly jewelry which offers a wide selection of ethnic and striking pieces in all shapes and colors. Its rich earthen colors of red, pink, brown, rust and grey creates a rustic appeal which is liked by women of all ages. The beauty and uniqueness of this form of jewelry comes from the fact that each piece is hand crafted and the creativity of the craftsman comes alive in its rich colors and motifs which are inspired by mythology, nature, traditional motifs and even geometric patterns.

What you need to know about the eco friendly jewelry?

Moving on from the known to the little known form of eco friendly jewelry; Recycled Gold!

Are you wondering what on earth that is now! Well it is by far one of the most ecologically and socially responsible choices we as consumers can make. Learning about it was a journey in itself for me; and from what I learnt I see that we are surely inching away from dangerous mining techniques which destroy large amounts of natural resources like water and create mountains of waste rock and fill acres of ponds with toxic chemicals.

Speaking about recycled gold, my research took me to this community called Ethical Metalsmiths; a community which is working towards spreading awareness amongst millions in this business to learn and practice ethical ways of acquiring these precious metals which have been certified as meeting recognized international standards.

So, every piece of jewelry you own can be your contribution to bring about a better tomorrow from those millions of mining industry workers whose lives have been impacted in more ways than one by the harmful effects of this industry.

Having researched and learnt about this industry and its impact on the environment and the entire eco-system we live in, it is our responsibility or should I say moral obligation to preserve the nature.

So, the next time you head out to buy those pretty pieces, spare a thought to this industry and how you can do your bit.