What you need to know about the eco friendly paint?

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Last time I went down to the store all excited about choosing paint for my home, the label Eco Friendly Paint caught my attention. I stopped and thought about all things Eco-Friendly, this is when I decided to go eco-friendly way and give back to the environment we live in.

After my stop over at the paint store, I headed back and started my research on eco-friendly paints. The pursuit was to understand if they really help the environment and the dangers of the regular paints to our eco-system.

I discovered that the process of bringing out those lovely shades that we oh so dream about is a painstaking process and is a cocktail of over 10,000 chemicals! This got me thinking of the people who are exposed to these chemicals during the whole process. The health hazards due to exposure can cause burning and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin. Further it can also have reactions like headaches, dizziness and nausea. Higher levels of exposure can lead to Kidney or Liver damage and respiratory problems.

Substances like formaldehyde and benzene are carcinogenic while others such as heavy metals and phthalates are human and ecosystem toxins. Chemicals like these and several others used are hazardous to the environment as well as to our well being. The industry toxic waste getting into flowing water bodies pose for health hazards for people for whom these streams are a source for their daily chores.

What you need to know about the eco friendly paint?

The main component of eco friendly paints is its non-toxic elements. These newer choices are sure to bring about healthier lifestyles and in turn a greener, cleaner tomorrow. Eco-Friendly paints are not only non-toxic but also zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content) and are devoid of the strong odor in toxic paints.

Eco friendly paints are produced from less than 250 chemical components and the good news is that more than 98% of these components are naturally derived from plant sources and minerals. The raw materials used in the process are also low in toxic substances, renewable and have low harmful environmental footprint. Now you know why eco friendly paint is the buzz of the town. This is the future! With growing consciousness of the depleting eco system it’s time people put their efforts in place by using paint made of eco friendly materials.

To add to this all components used in the making of beautiful shades of paint that adorn your walls, the paints, the stains, thinners and waxes are made from naturally derived raw materials which includes citrus peel extracts, seed oils, tree resins, bee waxes, lead free dyers, essential oils, inert mineral fillers, tree waxes and natural pigments. The process of derivation of these natural pigments for use in eco friendly paint is nature friendly and does not have an adverse effect on the health of human workforce involved in extraction.

Are you wondering which companies have set out to do their bit for preserving the Nature?

Here they are

  • AFM Safecoat
  • Sherwin-Williams Greensure products
  • Best Paint Co.

Considering the health hazards caused to us and nature by synthetic paints, it is an informed decision that each of us must make to use eco friendly paint.