What you need to know about the eco friendly shoes?

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“Eco friendly” seems to be the buzz of the new world, and I bumped into something rather unusual “Eco Friendly Shoes”! Going green has been high on the agenda of every responsible person on this earth, thanks to the realization of the imminent danger due to global warming and severe strain on natural resources. This philosophy of going green has percolated into spaces in our lives that we never though it ever would. Not that I am complaining about it, but it is definitely unbelievable that shoes are going eco friendly.

Yes, in a bid to go green, the world is finally waking up to Nature’s plea to go easy on her, so here we bring to you “Vegan Friendly Shoes”. Wondering what Vegan friendly is all about; well it’s for all vegetarians or simply put for all those who want to give back to Nature.

Picture Vegan Shoes and you’re already sulking over giving up on those pretty designs, think again; these shoes are complete with the latest trends of the season, from Ballerina’s, Flip Flops, Wedge Heels and more.

The interesting feature of anything Eco-Friendly from my perspective are the interesting usage of materials, like the Eco-Friendly drive I saw at one of the malls downtown, where the artist had created this larger than life Horn with car tyres, scrap wires and tubes.

What you need to know about the eco friendly shoes?

Eco Friendly Shoes I bumped into look no different than your usual leather ones. The materials used range from 100% Recycled Television Screen Microfiber, to natural renewable cork and recycled rubber. These makers of Vegan Shoes do not compromise on style or comfort while giving you a feeling of contributing your bit to the environment.

Their design elements range from sequined bling, animal prints which are animal free, manmade soles and all that you would ever desire for your “Oh so pretty” pair of high heeled beauties!!

Going by today’s Eco Friendly shoes market, it is still a relatively a small segment. From local masters of shoe making to big designers everyone seems to be pitching in to do their bit for the environment. Companies like Simple Shoes, Green Shoes, Go Green Shoes and many more small and big organizations have contributed largely in this segment.

Spreading awareness seems to be the key and that surely goes for Eco friendly shoes. Environmental conservationists across the globe have been on the go in spreading the word in preserving our natural resources and telling the world ways in which each one of us can contribute in making our planet a healthy place to live in.

From simple things like turning off the lights during “World Earth hour day”, to NGO’s who have taken up in a big way to the “Plant a sampling” campaign, we see individuals and organizations alike sharing responsibility.

Every time you wear eco friendly shoes you will at the least think about the cause of the eco system and when that thought lingers on for some time it’s easy for individuals to take action in their own small way to preserve nature. It’s each one of our individual contributions which will make a difference.

And to top it all up there is no dearth of stylish eco friendly shoes for the chic fashionista in you.