What you need to know about the eco friendly yoga mat?

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Have you ever wondered if an eco friendly yoga mat was really worth all the hype that it is getting from yoga enthusiasts? Is it just a fad that will go away to oblivion sometime soon or has it got some usefulness to all the causes it is known to support?

In this article I will neither tell you to bring in eco friendly mats into your life nor motivate you to stay away from them. I would rather let you make that decision, because in my perception concern towards nature and the efforts to preserve Earth for future generation is a drive that should come from within an individual.

So what is an eco friendly yoga mat and how is it different from the non eco friendly mats commercially available in the market? As the name suggests the eco friendly mats are made of natural materials that are eco friendly and renewable. It does not contain artificial petroleum products and plastics like Poly Vinyl Chloride, artificial rubber etc used in most of the yoga mats found on the market.

Materials like PVC have a very harmful effect on our environment as it takes ages for them to break down to their basic components if at all.

Eco friendly materials are the ones that are easily bio degradable and their usage have minimal adverse effects on the environment if any at all. By using the eco friendly, recycled and green products you can make your little contribution towards preserving nature and strain its resources as less as possible.

What you need to know about the eco friendly yoga mat?

Types of Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

The eco friendly yoga mats available for you to choose from can be divided into two broad categories. They are natural rubber yoga mats and organic plant fibre yoga mats.

Natural rubber yoga mats are made from rubber tree and are renewable and bio-degradable. The mats made of this material are usually very heavy and ideally suited for intense yoga practices. On the flip side it can be a little difficult to travel with these mats. More over the rubber used may cause some rashes to people who are allergic to it. But then so is the case with most of the synthetic materials as well.

Organic plant fibre yoga mats on the other hand are made of natural fibres like organic cotton, bamboo and jute. The process is very sustainable as the jute plants like other fibres used grow very fast. The mats made of this material are light weight hence very portable. But then they are bit slippery when compared to natural fibre yoga mats and may not be the best of choices for very intensive yoga practice sessions.

Cost Parameter of Eco Friendly Yoga Mats?

Like any other thing in life usage of eco friendly yoga mats have its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh your options and see if your priorities allow letting in green yoga mats into your life. If you ask me, yes I personally prefer green yoga mats that give me a sense and feeling of staying close to nature and doing my bit towards it conservation.

One of the major disadvantages of eco friendly mats is that they are very costly if you compare them with the plastic yoga mats commercially available. However the price can be very well justified, given that it takes a lot more time to grow natural ingredients and then create a mat out of the products as it would take to whip out a plastic yoga mat. Moreover good quality natural fibre yoga mats last long and it will be ages before they wither out. So if were to compare it with low cost plastic alternatives, think like this – you would use more than one poor quality synthetic yoga mats within the time frame in which you would otherwise use just one organic mat should you go that way. If you do the maths you will find that money is just not good enough a parameter to base your judgement upon.

Now that you know the ins and outs of using yoga mats hope you will be able to take a call on which way to go. Whatever you decide I hope you have enough good reasons to back it up. Before winding this article up I would like to remind you once more how big an impact your small steps, towards making our planet greener and usable for a long time to come, can make.