What you need to know about the fourth month of pregnancy?

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The Vessel:  You are now showing and can’t hide the now obvious pregnancy.  Some women adapt nicely to the hormonal changes and just glow with thicker hair and clear skin while others don’t fare as well.  Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit and even though you can’t wear maternity clothing you may find that you can’t wear your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Nevertheless, during this period most women will have more energy than the previous trimester and some symptoms such as morning sickness have ceased.  You may experience other symptoms such as bleeding gums.  Don’t be alarmed to find yourself a bit absent minded as you no doubt will begin day dreaming (or worrying) and thinking of things like possible names, clothing and nursery décor.  Whatever you may be thinking of, enjoy this period as much as you can.

The Passenger:  Your baby begins to look more human as the facial features are developing and the heartbeat can now be heard on a stethoscope.  The foetus is now about three inches long and weighs about five ounces.  The reproductive organs are developing; in girls the ovaries with the number of eggs that will last for her entire life and uterus are forming.

This is an exciting period as you will be able to learn the sex of your baby if you choose or if you are carrying multiples.  Your baby’s bones and muscles are getting stronger and the baby may be seen sucking its thumb on an ultrasound.  The foetus now has fingernails and prints and fine hair on the body called lanuga.  By the end of this month, the kidneys will start to take over the job of creating amniotic fluid that was previously being done by the placenta which is now fully operating getting much needed nutrients to the foetus.

What you need to know about the fourth month of pregnancy?

What you need to know:

Maternity Clothing:  By now you would have noticed that your clothing has gotten tight around your waist and bust.  Although it may be too early to begin buying maternity clothing you may find that your everyday clothing just may not cut it anymore.  Try raiding the closets of friends who may be a bit larger than you or of friends who were pregnant before.  You can even try your partner’s closet or if you lost weight recently you may have some of those clothes left over from before your diet.

If you really do think that you may need some maternity clothing, be sure to do your research and look around for bargains.  Maternity clothing can be expensive so choose styles that you may want to wear after the baby is born for nursing (for example, blouses that may button down in the chest area) but keep in mind that maternity clothing will also need to fit you in the very last weeks of pregnancy.  Pick styles that can be mixed and matched together or with what you may already own.  And remember you’re pregnant; you’re radiant and beautiful so embrace this time as one to celebrate and look your best.