What you need to know about the HMB?

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HMB Information: What is HMB?

Simply put it stands for Healthy Muscle Builder… Not really, HMB is an acronym for beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate. HMB is a chemical that occurs naturally in your body when the branched chain amino acid leucine breaks down, such as during bodybuilding training.

Leucine helps with the regulation of blood sugar and energy levels, growth hormone production, wound healing as well as the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

HMB Information: Bodybuilding

HMB appears to play an important role in the way our bodies build new muscle tissue and burn fat. Bodybuilders that used supplemental HMB and engaged in weight training exercise appeared to minimize the muscle tissue breakdown that happens after heavy lifting. With less muscle damage to repair, the body appears to speed up the rate at which it builds new muscle tissue and looks as if to burn extra fat.

What you need to know about the HMB?

HMB Information: Why use HMB?

  • HMB appears to raise the body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat.
  • HMB has been shown to have a positive effect on protein metabolism.
  • HMB is thought to minimize protein breakdown when combined with resistance training and may cause an increase in muscle mass and strength.
  • HMB is thought to help preservation of muscle tissue when dieting.

HMB Information: Sources

HMB is not a necessary nutrient, so there is no recognized requirement. HMB is found in small amounts in citrus fruit and catfish. You would have to eat a lot of oranges and catfish.  So I suggest to get a beneficial dosage,  you will need to take a HMB supplement in powder or pill form.

HMB Information: The correct HMB dose

The recommended dosage is three grams per day for average size persons. However you may want to “modify” your dosage, research has shown that 38 mg/kg body weight each day is best and that little or no added advantage is gained from increasing this suggested dosage. Take it before training or before bedtime for best results.