What You Need To Know About The Lavender Essential Oil?

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Lavender essential oil is, in my opinion, the most versatile essential oil. It has been popular for centuries and is still used by many people. My family is never without a bottle.

Lavender essential oil is removed from the plant by steam distillation and has a very complex chemical structure. The quantities of the active ingredients vary according to where the plant has grown, its age, the soil conditions and the weather conditions in each particular year. A warm, sunny summer may increase yields by as much as 50% when compared to a wet, cloudy one.

For the chemists among you, its active constituents are the ethers of linalyl and geranyl, geraniol, linalol, cineol, d-borneol, limonene, l-pinene, carlophyllene, the esters of butyric acid and valerianic acid and coumarin.

The complexity of its structure means lavender oil can be used in numerous ways. Many active ingredients means many potential uses .

Its main ability is to restore unbalanced states to balance. For example, if you are feeling low it can help to lift your mood, if, on the other hand, you are feeling rather manic, it can help to calm you. A massage of sore tired muscles using lavender oil will help you to relax and repair. This balancing property is used in aromatherapy , often combined with other essential oils to aid healing of the body and mind.

What You Need To Know About The Lavender Essential Oil?

Many perfumes contain lavender essential oil and the best quality oils, which are from lavandula angustifolia, are highly sought after by the perfume and cosmetics industries.

It is extremely rare for someone to have an adverse reaction to lavender. If someone dislikes the smell (there are some poor people who don’t like it) then do not use it on or around them. I would recommend that you try a drop of this oil somewhere inconspicuous on the body first, before using it extensively. Leave it for half an hour to check that you do not react adversely to it.

Lavandin essential oil, from lavandula intermedia, is darkish yellow in colour with a more camphorous smell than lavender.It is mainly used by the laundry industry. It is very similar to the lavender oil although its action is less powerful. It is less sedative than lavender and so can be used when the sedative effect would be unhelpful, for example during the day when you need to be alert. It is this essential oil which is used by the laundry industry as it is a cheaper oil due to more oil being produced per plant.