What you need to know about the low carbohydrate diet?

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“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.” TheDuke
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This diet is a very wide concept. Tens of different diets are called Low Carbohydrate Diets but not all of them are Healthy Diet. You have to remember that fact before you will decide for Low Carb (LC) diet.

Generally low carb recipes are full of vegetables, fruits and lean meats and similar to zone diet there is lacks on essential animal fats. It is true that some diets are better or healthier that others but not only because of amount of particular nutrients. Very important is quality of foods you eat, when you eat and how often you eat.

Low carbohydrate diet plans are much healthier than other diet plans but small amount of carbohydrates in diet is not enough to become amazingly healthy. Those diets should be rich in animal fats and some of vegetable fats like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil etc.

Those low carbohydrate diets should be rich in fats because if you cut out your carbohydrates from your diet you will need other source of energy instead to keep going, simple is that. The best is animal fat because it is not fattening kind of fat.

Saturated fats cannot make you fat but sunflower oil will make you bigger for sure. LC diets are now big money makers as well. Diets, books, low carbohydrate snacks and other products are worth fortune. This is huge market and tons of dollars to make by food industry and nutrition profesionals. There is no rules and scruples. Remember about this next time when you will start to think about any diet (not only about “Low Carb” diet).

What you need to know about the low carbohydrate diet?

If you don’t want to be like woman on this picture it is critical for you to pick up healthy diet based on healthy foods.
There are many different diets menus and that is why quantities of carbohydrates in these diets are different as well. Some low carbohydrate diets will let you eat only about 10-20 grams of carbohydrates per day while others will let you get even up to 150 grams of carbohydrates per day.

To make things even worst they will tell you to keep all the time the same quantity of carbohydrates, which means that every day you have to eat the same amount of carbohydrates and in 99% of diets this same amounts of proteins and fats as well. You will simply end up with calculator and kitchen scale in your hands, not really nice isn’t?

Now you KNOW why it is so hard to be ON THE “DIET”. Who will “survive” with boring diets where every day it is the same schema? No one!

Anyway you should know that low carbohydrate plans or diets are generally healthier than diet promoted by WHO which are high carbohydrate diets. Big amount of carbohydrates in your diet will cause high levels of insulin and these high levels of insulin are strong foundation for faster aging and cancer. Only natural human diet will give you all the tools and information you need to get healthy and save your time as well.