What You Need To Know When Choosing Romantic Jewelry For Her

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Ah, romantic jewelry!! One of the best romantic gifts to give and one of the most special. The gift of romantic jewelry indicates that your relationship is past the first date stage and you are giving her something that will last a long time. Next to flowers, it is one of the easier gifts to give that conveys romance and a special relationship. There are several guidelines that a gentleman knows that help him in his gift selection. Those secrets will be passed on to you now.

How Serious Are You?

The first thing to decide is where are you in this relationship and how important is the occasion. If you are starting out, be aware that the seriousness of the romantic jewelry gift is directly related to how close it will be worn to her all important left ring finger.

Romantic jewelry that is worn further away from the hands is usually less intimate. Earrings are worn further away from the hands and are for occasional use. They can be purchased at any time in a relationship if you know what she likes. Although ankle bracelets are a bit less in vogue at the moment, they fall into a similar category. Necklaces tend to be a bit more intimate and are often worn for extended periods of time. They are closer to her heart, physically and figuratively, and should be purchased with more thought. Rings are getting pretty close to commitment. Yes, I am aware that there are inexpensive, fun rings, but even those have more meaning than you may know. Any time that she puts on a ring that you give her, she has to decide which finger to put it on. Every unmarried woman thinks about her wedding day and what it will mean to wear that most special of all rings. So, decide first what the overall meaning of this romantic gift will be and let that lead you in your decision-making.

Choosing The Precious Metal

No matter what the romantic jewelry choice, one of the first decisions needs to be which precious metal should be used. Take a look at her jewelry, her watch, or her belt buckles. Are they gold or silver colored? If gold, your choice is complete. If they are silver colored, you may consider white gold, silver or platinum in purchasing your romantic jewelry gift. Lets take a short look at your options within these choices.

Gold is one of the oldest precious metals. Its purity is measured in karats. Pure gold is 24-karat. A piece that is 18 karat is 75% gold. In the US, nothing less than 10 karat can be sold as gold, but be aware that lower karats are sold in other countries. Although you want to get the best for your girl, keep in mind that 24-karat is very expensive and is not very strong. A piece made of 18-karat gold is considered to be very precious and will hold up a lot longer without repair. The most common gold in the US is 14-karat. On the downside, be careful of buying gold filled and gold plate. Gold filled will usually be all right, but be aware that the inside is another metal. Gold plate can be very thin. If the plating wears off, she may end up with green skin.

White gold is alloyed with silver or another white metal and can be very beautiful for a romantic gift. It is just as precious as yellow gold and I would have no problem in choosing it for a romantic piece of jewelry.

Silver is older than gold in its use for many items, from jewelry to utensils. There is not as much concern over purity as all silver has to be at least 92.5% pure in the US. Be aware that lower purities are sold as silver in other countries. On the positive side, no other metal is as reflective as silver except liquid mercury. On the down side, if the piece is not coated, it may tarnish. It will cost you a bit less than gold and may be preferred by the lady. Ask her what her earrings or necklace are made of and follow that lead.

Platinum is the heaviest of the precious metals used for jewelry, being nearly twice as heavy as the same piece made from 14-karat gold. Platinum has been more popular than gold or silver during different periods of history and is still popular today. It will not tarnish like silver and has a low luster, understated finish that many people like.

Whatever choice you make for your gift of romantic jewelry, buy the piece from a reputable jeweler that can explain the differences and help you make the best choice for your heart and your budget.


Women have worn earrings since 2,500 B.C. Pierced ears have been around since about 1,350 B.C. And lest you think that multiple ear piercings are new, the first evidence of them are found in Egyptian mummies.

What You Need To Know When Choosing Romantic Jewelry For Her

Most earrings today are for pierced ears. Always buy solid gold, surgical steel, or at least “nickel free” posts. Surgical steel is acceptable as well. Anything less will wear over time and the base metal underneath, particularly nickel, will irritate the ear. Irritation does not lead to warm, romantic feelings. If the earrings are meant to be casual, choose stud types and find a color that goes with her eyes. Simple hoops made of gold or silver are always welcomed, but they come in a number of different sizes. Buying 2-inch hoops for a 5-foot woman will make her look smaller still. On the other hand, 2-inch dangles on a 5-foot, 10-inch woman will look great! In general, the taller she is, the larger her earrings can be. If the occasion for jewelry is formal, dangle earrings are always romantic and sensuous, but again, keep her height in mind. If in doubt, find out how tall she is (without the high heels) and ask your jeweler for advice. If the jeweler can not advise you, find another jeweler!

Every woman, sooner or later, should have a set of diamond stud earrings. These can be worn casually or formally. However, do not break the bank to get these for her. This is usually a gift for later in the relationship, but you can nearly never go wrong with even small diamond studs as a romantic jewelry gift idea.

Another popular choice that is making a strong comeback is pearl earrings. They are formal, so if you are not taking her out to formal occasions, go for something else. They are easy to choose and will go with nearly anything.


Necklaces are great for gifts of romantic jewelry. They come in very short (chokers), short and long lengths. In general, their length should be the opposite of your woman’s height.

If the love of your life is relatively short, she can wear a longer necklace. The long line will help emphasize her height. They do not have to be very long, but collar length and longer will be the best.

What You Need To Know When Choosing Romantic Jewelry For Her

The woman of average height (5’4” to 5’8”) can wear nearly any length.

Tall women can also wear nearly any length. If she is tall and very thin, stay away from the really long styles, as they will make her look thinner still.

Finally, the presentation can make a great difference in your gift and others. Take the necklace and put it on a teddy bear and give it to her. The first gift will be the bear, then she will discover the necklace. She will tell the story about your creativity and romantic nature for years.


If you are giving a ring as romantic jewelry, I assume that you are starting to get serious.

To get the perfect romantic jewelry ring, you first need her size. Either she needs to tell you or you need to have a ring that she owns sized by a jeweler. A mutual female friend may be the best source of information here. If you cannot find out the size, get the ring anyway and have it resized later. The presentation will not be as great if the ring does not fit, but unlike lingerie , it will not be a major, long-term problem.

What You Need To Know When Choosing Romantic Jewelry For Her

The next thing to decide is the color of the ring itself. See the information above on gold, silver, and platinum.

Are you going to have a gemstone in it? This depends on what feelings you are trying to convey by this gift of romantic jewelry. If you are expressing your appreciation for her beauty, you may want to look for a ruby, amethyst, or emerald. Match the color to stones she wears or her choice in clothes. Emeralds in particular look great on women with red hair.

Is this a promise ring? These are a popular type of romantic jewelry now, but have been around in various forms for centuries. If this is a pre-engagement type of promise ring, a small diamond may be in order. If this is a promise of fidelity, a diamond may or may not be needed. If this is a promise of friendship, I do not recommend a diamond, as she and/or her acquaintances will misunderstand it. In all cases with a promise ring, write a note to be opened just before the ring is given to explain exactly what you mean by the gift. Don’t dance around your meaning. This is a serious gift and she should know exactly what your intentions are. If she is not ready for this, you better find out now, but more than likely, she will be thrilled!