Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right

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All dog-breed like Treats, But in Moderation Only

Using special treats as a reward when training your dog is good practise however be very careful about over doing it. Giving your dog treats is some thing we do to show our affection for our dog, however they can cause problems with nutrition and diet. If you give your dog a well balanced nutritionally sound diet then every treat is surplus calories that needs to be burnt up and you end up with an overweight dog. Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right

Treats are great, but in Moderation

Feeding your dog an excess of treats leads to extra calories and extra weight. Also feeding your dog people food from your own plate can lead to problems. The simple way to counter this is to make sure your dog gets a lot more exercise which may be good for you both. If you don’t and your dog becomes obese this may lead to serious health issues just as it does in humans.

If you plan to use treats subtract the allowance form your dogs daily food allowance, and many use the dry kibble as rewards. This way you take out the treats and the dog still gets the right food quantity daily. If you use manufactured treats then you should exercise care in doing so. Always select the low calorie and low fat ones such as the Purina® Beggin Strips®. Again make sure you adjust the normal feeding to account for these treats. If your dog isn’t enthused with eating the normal rations, suspect some feeding from elsewhere. Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right

Is Your Dog a Fussy Eater?

Some dogs are fussy and will only eat certain things or certain brands. In some cases dogs my simply not eat all the normal food you offer and this may be medically related, however sometimes you will have to try out various food brands to find something they like, some dogs just have a discerning palate no less than their human masters. Also dogs tend to eat less in hot weather and typical changes are a requirement for less calories of around 5-8% per 10 degree increase in temperature. Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right

Whatever the dog breed, feed the dog right

Use Care When Changing the Diet

Diet changes are also a cause of fussy eating. Your dog gets used to one taste and then it changes and sometimes they don’t like it. Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right

1. Check with the pet store, animal shelter, dog breeder or dog seller as to what the dog has been eating. This includes type of food, and the brand and flavour. Get some of this when you take the dog home and this also helps the dog adapt to the new surroundings.

2. Start food or any diet changes slowly. Take few days and gradually introduce it.

3. Intermix the old and new foods together and phase the old one out slowly so allowing your dog to get used to it. If you do so slowly you will avoid giving the dog any gastrointestinal upsets. If a change of food causes any upsets discontinue or slow the change down

Making Dog Food Taste Better

Dogs take time to get used to a new food so you have to be patient and use a few tricks to improve palatability and desirability.

1. Moistening dry foods with some water to moisten it often makes it more palatable, then slowly decrease moisture until its all dry

2. Moist foods are best serves at room temperature or slightly warmed. Don’t serve a half can straight form the frig

3. Give the dog time to adjust to the changes.

4. Sometimes a dog simply might not like it but don’t keep changing too frequently as you just might create a fussy eater

5. If the dog still has eating problems and refusal visit and discuss this with your veterinarian.

Looking After a Dogs Diet

It is very important to control and properly schedule your dog’s diet. Often there is a family member quietly indulging your dog with illicit treats and they don’t finish the full normal meal. Again this human treats are a short cut to a fat dog with a nutritionally unbalanced diet

Of course its also important to establish that your dog isn’t eating out. Garbage is a great attraction and make sure that your food trash is safe from a dog. This also has the potential for causing health problems and one major symptom is diarrhoea and upsets gastro problems.

Stick to a strict feeding schedule. Make it same time and same place every day and don’t vary it too much. Your dog will be trained to this schedule and will be almost reminding you its feeding time. A dog will be waiting ready and the dogs system will balance itself on the schedule. Whatever the dog-breed, feed the dog right