What’s in a Coffee Cup?

Elvis Elvis

If you think the answer to the question, “What’s in a coffee cup” is ‘coffee‘, then you’re wrong…

Ok. To be fair, you may be right to some extent – a coffee cup will often times hold coffee. But there’s much more to the cup than meets the eye.

Coffee lovers and fanatics attach quite a lot of importance to their cups. They mean much more to them than just their ability to hold their favorite brew. Nowadays, they tend to say a lot about their owner – they are an expression of personality.

With such a wide variety available in all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder that they’ve come to hold such a dear place in a coffee lover’s life.

Unique Coffee Mugs and Cups

Apart from getting a cup or mug personalized with words or pictures that you want, you could also get cups made to your specifications – a customized coffee cup or coffee mug.

With uniquely made coffee cups or mugs, you get to choose exactly how your cup will look, the size, the color, the shape… you reflect your personality with your choices.

Whats in a Coffee Cup?

I’ve seen very cool coffee mugs and cups – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Disney World (Mickey and Minnie)… the list is endless.

There’s also some really unique shapes of coffee mugs. These are not only great for taking your coffee, but can also serve other purposes, as I discuss below.

Coffee Gifts

Coffee cups and mugs make great gifts. The next time you need to shop for a gift for someone, consider getting them a personalized or unique coffee mug. For instance, if you know the person’s likes or passions, you can get that passion expressed on the coffee mug.

You needn’t worry about whether or not they enjoy coffee – the mug can also just be displayed prominently as a constant reminder to them of your love.

Home Coffee Decor

Coffee cups and coffee mugs make great collectibles, which will be a great addition to your home decor. Think about it – they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

Picture your display cabinet with some cartoon character-shaped coffee cups and mugs – Looney Tunes, Disney World, Simpsons…

Or better yet, have a coffee cup to display for each of your family members; each coffee cup will have the photo, name, and date of birth of your spouse, children, grandchildren, grandparents and siblings!

You getting the picture?

So, what’s in a coffee cup? Now you know it’s not just coffee. There’s much, much more to coffee cups than meets the eye.

There’s personality, love, and style in a coffee cup.

Coffee cups can show your unique sense of style and personality – they say something about you. They can say that you like a certain style or they can show off your specific interests, like gardening or a favorite sport.

Whatever style you choose, your coffee cups show a little bit about whom you are.

Enjoy your coffee!