What’s the ACAI berry?

The Acai, pronounced (ah-sigh-ee), is a fruit and berry. It’s Latin and scientific name being Euteroe Oleracea.

This key ingredient to the Monavie juice is found in the Amazon forests of the Brazilian jungle. But where in the Amazon? You could find this berry atop towering palms in the Amazon’s Estuary (having open connection to the ocean where fresh water from inland is mixed with the salt water), the Flood plains (near rivers where flooding is common in season), and on the Uplands (in high elevation or interior of jungle).

The Acai berry, 12 to 15 millimeters in diameter, (similar to the grape, yet usually smaller). Colors in a rich dark purple or commonly close to a black tint when ripe.

The seed of this interesting berry makes up 80% of the whole thing. Leaving only 20% of the whole berry to be actually harvested. Luckily growing on the palm is grown in huge clumps similar to the grape.

Whats the ACAI berry?Whats the ACAI berry?

Now it can be harvested all year round but it’s primary harvesting season is during the Brazilian dry season (July through December), when it has it’s greatest abundance. This is because during the flooding season it can be difficult to get to the tree’s because of all the water.

Now I’m sure if you’ve heard of the Acai, you’ve heard of the antioxidants in it. Yes they do rank as having the highest ORAC levels than any other fruit, but don’t let this deceive you. This level is dependent on HOW it’s harvested.

Now i’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Well what does it taste like?” Good question!

Most say that this fruit tastes kind of like a chocolate bar with an interesting berry punch to it. And some will say it reminds them of raspberries and blueberries combined. So I guess to answer you question, all I can say is don’t listen to what other people have to say about what it tastes like, go out there and try it for yourself! Check it out at Jamba Juice and find one near you at JambaJuice.com.