What’s the Best Artists Easel for You?

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An artists easel is an important piece of equipment if you take your painting seriously. For a while, you may get away with a spare piece of board resting on the kitchen table.

However, this has its limitations, both on the size of the work you produce and on your painting technique as well.

If you want to progress, you’ll find that you need to stand back constantly to look at your picture and how it’s developing. This is difficult if it’s lying almost flat on a board on the table.

Yes you can prop it up each time you want to look at it, but this gets fiddly.

It may be that you have a back problem that prevents you leaning over your painting for long periods – or you may develop one! If you have a mobility problem – certainly if you use a wheelchair – this simply isn’t an option.

If you move into bigger work and especially on canvas panels, standing or sitting at a canvas that you can adjust in a moment from almost flat to vertical and all angles in between, is an absolute necessity and a pleasure as well.

And hopefully when, rather than if, you work outdoors, you really need to consider buying a portable artists easel.

Which leads nicely into how I’ve split up the easels articles into manageable chunks of advice.

Indoors or Outside?

The initial decision you need to make is whether you want an indoor or outdoor easel. Maybe you want both!

Outdoor Easels
We’ll look at the main things you need to consider when selecting an outdoor artists easel and the options available.

Indoor Easels
There are rather more circumstances to take into account (and a lot more choices) when we move indoors.

Whats the Best Artists Easel for You?

For example, there are several different designs which do more or less the same thing especially if you’re reasonably mobile and want to stand up whilst you paint.

Because of this added choice, I’ve split these articles the following way:-

Studio Easels
This looks at the most popular, the Mast, the A-Frame and the H-Frame designs and describes the pros and cons of each.

Table Top Easels
This looks at the options for this fairly simple but very popular type of easel with tips on features that you should look out for.

Easels for Wheelchair Access
The position of supporting legs on many artists easels can make it difficult to get close access with a wheelchair.

However, we’ll look at some possible solutions.

I’ll also show you an option which can not only serve as a very effective artists easel, but also offers a few extra plus points as well…

And finally lets not forget the…

Child Easel
Kids are tomorrow’s artists today. They love to paint in an uninhibited way that shows up many of us older folks.

If they’re keen on painting, you’ll want to give them every encouragement.

But hold on! That means they’re guaranteed to want to use your precious artists easel to practice.

Now you don’t want to dampen their enthusiasm… but your easel is a valuable piece of kit!

Don’t worry! There’s some kid-sized artists easels around that’ll help keep them happy for hours.

You get some peace and at the same time enjoy watching them produce some artistic magic that you’ll treasure for years!

So have a look at this article for what you need to know about child easels.