What’s the weather like in Murcia, Spain?

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The Spanish have a saying that states, with wine, sun and fresh air one can be rich beyond measure. Most people who live or holiday on the Costa Calida would agree!

The Murcia region enjoys its own micro-climate
The weather in Murcia is amongst the best in Europe. The surrounding mountains, rising to 2027m at their highest point, give the region its own particular micro-climate. With over 315 sunny days every year, you can sunbathe from January to December. And if you’re looking for a retirement property, and find the British climate a challenge because of arthritis or rheumatism, you’ll find the Costa Calida a much more comfortable alternative with its very low rainfall.

Summer sizzler
High summer temperatures up into the 30s make Murcia a warm-weather paradise. And yet the heat is always pleasant because of the ever-present breeze. If you need car hire in Murcia, make sure you ask for one with air conditioning to stay cool on the move.

Whats the weather like in Murcia, Spain?

Winter warmth
Murcia’s winter weather is very mild, with average temperatures remaining at around 20C – or warmer in full sun. It’s not unusual to spend Christmas day sunbathing on the beach, Australian style! Winter evenings – and the occasional days of cold winds – require a jacket or jumper and some warm socks or slippers for the cold tiled or marbled floors.