Wheelbarrow & Bucket Screener

Sift Topsoil & Compost

How would you like to have an unlimited supply of high grade topsoil or compost? The Wheelbarrow Screener works like a giant cheese grater on hard soils and compost materials. It saves time and money and is made of high grade materials to last.

Some of the other great reasons for the Wheelbarrow Screener:

  • Does the work of a tiller without the cost of repairs
  • Roots don’t do well in hard soil or going around rocks
  • Sift out pest and rhizomes before they take over your garden
  • Save your back and legs by not having to pick up endless rocks
  • No more backbreaking trips to buy and carry heavy bags of topsoil

There are many other reasons to consider this great product including a smaller bucket version for smaller projects. Click the link to read more about this company and product performance.

Wheelbarrow & Bucket Screener

The Wheelbarrow Screener was invented by Evely Solar Products based out of Ohio. This company is an American Manufacturer that has a goal of making very high quality products for the home gardener.

The product is made out of high grade polypropylene and a 5/8” heavy gauge diamond mesh steel screen. The manufacturing standards are focused on quality workmanship so you’ll have a product that keeps paying for itself year after year.

There are dual handles on both the Wheelbarrow Screener as well as the Bucket Screener for easy lifting and use. Both products are easy to use and easy to store when not in use.

Contact Info for this great product:

Website: www. originalwheelbarrowscreener.com

Phone: 440-474-4756

Address: 4500 Higley, Rome, OH 44085

E-mail: kevin@originalwheelbarrowscreener.com