Wheelies – do them on your bike, skateboard and snowboard

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Wheelies you can do them on your bike, skateboard, and snow your snowboard… plus an excellent way to condition yourself for bigger and better tricks.

Every man wants to be able to show off on her board, and tricks can be hard… especially when you do not know where you should start. It pays to watch people on the magic carpet cleaners slope if your first learning and listen in on what the instructors are telling them to do… that’s if your too cheap to pay for lessons.

I’m a firm believer in getting those first few lessons to get the basics down, but it got a little bit expensive for me to continue from there. So either get the lessons (which is probably a better idea) or listen in like me.

How to do wheelies?

The tail version is where you life you noes up in the air. You can learn to do this fairly easily, Begin on a gentle slow and lean backwards while lifting your front foot, after some practice this will become easier and you will be able to get more height in your nose and keep it in the air for longer periods of time. Once you get the hang of this try Switching stance and doing it on your Tip.

Wheelies   do them on your bike, skateboard and snowboard

You can vary this by trying a blunt nose slide, sideways wheelies, you put your weight on your front leg and pull up your back leg, then slide on the front of your snowboard with the tail and back foot in the air.

So keep applying yourself, keeping trying and testing out new things, if you want to learn more about doing tricks and a few tips then click on some of these page links and read up… so you can be the best snowboarder you can be.