When To See A Hypnotist?


Some issues can be dealt with very effectively with self-hypnosis. I sincerely hope that you are making great progress with your issues. However, there is a time to see a hypnotist.

If, for example,

  • you have been able to get to a nice level of hypnosis, but the habit has not resolved
  • you have made good progress in the issue and then relapsed
  • you are not able to get to a deep enough level to work at

In these cases there may be an emotional issue or an imprint keeping you performing the habit. At tht point I would suggest that you seek the services of a certified hypnotist. Before booking an appointment, ask a few questions. Find out if he or she has credentials.

The National Guild of Hypnotists is considered the leading organization worldwide in promoting and backing it’s members. They have strict Standards of Practice in effect for all members and have instituted a Code of Ethics that we all adhere to. By logging into www.ngh.net you can find out if there is a NGH member in your area.

When To See A Hypnotist?

Also ask how many sessions will be required. This will depend on what your issue is, but find out what the usual procedure is. Most issues can be successfully resolved in 3 sessions or less. Call around and get the best (not necessarily the cheapest) arrangement in your area.

Tapes and C.D.’s

If your concern is not responding to self-hypnosis, and if this is because of an underlying emotional issue, purchasing a C.D. or taped session will probably be a waste of your money. The only way to get resolution is to have an individual session and get to the bottom it.

Other Reasons

There are some issues that are difficult to handle with self-hypnosis. For example, fears are best handled with a practitioner.

Some people find that they are able to manage pain with self-hypnosis, but others find that an individual session is more effective to learn the techniques of pain reduction and pain management. A letter from your doctor will be required before a hypnotist will work with you for pain (or any other diagnosed condition).