When to sell gold?

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With all the mania and speculation surrounding it, the final question you may be asking yourself is, when should I sell my gold? As mentioned before, no one can accurately predict where the market will go or when to sell gold.

Many analysts see a continuing bull market until the economy stabilizes, but who knows when that will be, and that’s not the only factor to dictate prices. The decision is ultimately yours, but a good time to sell is when the price is rising like it is now. Prices may eventually level off or even drop, but it never hurts to own this type of commodity.

Some experts feel that it drops almost on a regular basis each month when unemployement figures are published, and then rises again about a week after. Inflation is a huge driver in the price of gold, and people tend to want to hoard it as a crisis commodity, so the demand rises. Plus, it is believed that during times of inflation, there is not enough gold to back up the paper money being printed and therefore the value goes up.

When to sell gold?

There are many reasons why it fluxuates and there are many theories, but since we’re not talking about huge investment levels here, it’s probably not important to go into the reasons for its rise and fall. Suffice it to say the price is high right now, and you probably won’t go wrong if you decide to sell in the near future. Again, it’s entirely up to you if you wish to sell now, in the near future, or hang onto it for another 20 years. It will always have some value. That’s the beauty of owning jewelry. Unlike shoes, clothes, pocketbooks, electronics, etc., you can buy it, wear it, enjoy it and then sell it when you’re ready, and it will still have value. That’s what makes it such a good investment!