Where Are Diamonds Found?

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Where are diamonds found? Surprisingly, just about everywhere on Earth! Contrary to popular belief, they really aren’t rare. In fact, there are many gemstones that are much rarer, yet much less expensive. Some examples of these gems include kyanite and morganite. You may not have heard of either of these, but you’ve probably heard of ruby. Yes, even ruby is considered to be rarer! Yet it remains less expensive. Why is this? Let’s look at the answer now.

A Controlled Gemstone

You’ve most likely heard the famous slogan “a diamond is forever”. In fact, most of us have heard it repeatedly for decades. This is due to an amazingly successful marketing strategy launched by a South African diamond company named De Beers. In the late 60’s, this company aggressively set out to change the way Japan, and eventually the entire world, viewed this gemstone.

As the De Beers Empire grew, it was able to gain more and more control of every aspect of the diamond trade. This included how the prices were set. At one point, it was thought that the Diamond Trading Company (a subsidiary of De Beers known as the DTC) controlled over 80% of the world’s rough gemstone material!

Where are diamonds found? Just about everywhere! The bottom line? This gemstone is not rare at all; it’s simply controlled.

Where Are Diamonds Found?

Where are Diamonds Found Today?

Important sources (past and present) include: Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, India, Canada, Australia and the United States in Arkansas, Montana and Colorado.

Currently, there are no commercial mines operating within the United States. The Kelsey-Lake Mine near the Colorado-Wyoming border, was the last commercially producing mine left. It was closed in April of 2002.

Good prospects exist, however. Recent diamond discoveries in Canada have led prospectors to believe that Minnesota and Alaska might be promising in the future. In addition to this, the Wyoming Geological Survey indicates that an industry in excess of $1 billion could be developed in that state.

Today, most commercially mined diamonds come out of Russia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Australia. Roughly 90-95% of the world’s supply of pink and champagne diamonds come out of the famous Argyle Mines, located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.