Where can you find the best coffee beans in this world?

How do we know which countries offer the best coffee? This is where we turn to the experts,those who have years of experience in selecting, tasting, judging, and rating the many choices. Thanks to those who have dedicated their lives to great specialty coffee, the choices are easy. While each coffee producing country has their own standards, there are a few characteristics that seem to be common among most coffees.

My first choice in coffee has been Kona coffee from Hawaii for quite a while. Some compare it to Jamaican Blue Mountain due to its mild acidity, medium body, and exquisite aroma. What I have found most appealing is the very faint hint of cinnamon in Kona coffee. Sadly though, the growing area for Kona coffee beans is very limited, which makes the coffee scarce, and therefore, more expensive.

Where can you find the best coffee beans in this world?

Many Kona “blends” sold, while less expensive, may contain as little as five per cent of genuine Kona coffee. The other factor is Hawaii’s tourist industry. The tourists are willing to pay top dollar, so most of the best Kona coffee never leaves Hawaii. You can though, find pure Kona cofffee beans, and when you taste it, you will see why it is so highly cherished. As a light or medium roast coffee, it is truly one of the top coffees in the world.

This of course leads us naturally to Jamaica, and its famous Blue Mountain Coffee. What few coffee drinkers realize is that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are but a very small percentage of the coffee grown in that country, and that the area for growth is also very small. This makes for a very limited quantity.

It’s important to note that a lot more coffee is being sold under the name Jamaican Blue Mountain then the country can actually grow. If you get true Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee Beans, what you will get is an exquisite cup of coffee known for its perfect balance of “nutty aroma, medium acidity, a natural sweetness, and light body. You must also remember that in the world of specialty coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain carries the highest price tag. That being the case, make sure you buy your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans from a very reliable source.

My third recommendation, and usually one of my first choices, due to a combination of great coffee and reasonable price, is Costa Rican coffee beans. Costa Rican coffees can vary depending on the area of growth, but the best coffee comes from the region around San Jose’. The coffee beans from this area produce a cup of clean coffee with exquisite acidity and a mild body.

From the higher altitudes comes a coffee that has a sharper, and slightly tangy acidity. No matter what specific area, good Costa Rican coffees are always fragrant, with a full rich aroma.

One final note to remember is that you should NEVER buy Costa Rican coffee beans that have been dark roasted. Dark roasting of this coffee will ruin the acidity level, and destroy the unique flavor.

One of the other advantages of Costa Rican coffee beans is that there is, to the best of my knowledge, a national law banning the cultivation and harvesting of Robusto coffee in Costa Rica. So, you can always be sure of getting only 100% arabica bean coffee.

For those of you who would like a great cup of specialty coffee, but would prefer not to pay the slightly higher prices of some of the finer coffee beans, I recommend Sumatran Coffee. The island of Sumatra grows about 68 percent of all Indonesian coffee beans. And again, you can get a variety of choices, depending on what you are looking for.

Gayo Mountain coffee is known for its spicy, slightly sweet, and somewhat herbal flavor. Mandheling on the other hand has an extremely low acidity, and a very deep, rich flavor. Some experts refer to it as the “world’s heaviest coffee”, and also the worlds finest unwashed Arabica coffee. In the hands of the right roast master,

Sumatra makes for an excellent dark roast coffee, and in fact is the choice of many for espresso. But like any specialty coffee, make sure your are purchasing from a reputable vendor.

These are just a few of the many choices available in the world of coffee. Each and every coffee has its own unique flavors and characteristics, depending on a number of factors.

Ethiopia, (by most accounts the birthplace of coffee) has been described as wild and gamey, as well as lemony, floral, and soft. This is another coffee that is best when not dark roasted.

Kenya has long been rated by many experts as producers of some of the worlds finest coffee beans. Kenya’s coffee is well known for its sharp citrus or fruity flavors. Kenya’s “AA” coffee is highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs.

Another exquisite coffee is Columbian Medellin, a well balanced, full bodied and medium acidity, with great flavor. But remember, only quality specialty coffee vendors will be well enough informed to give you the highlights and details of the many coffees available.