Where do I split the curtain?

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by Pamela
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

I have a double French door with a 20cm wall on the left, but need to cover an unsightly box in the wall on the right. I have put up a 3m rod. The middle of the french door is 1m from the left and 2m from the right. Do I split the curtain in the middle of the rod or in the middle of the door?

Where do I split the curtain?

Hi Pamela

Bit of a tough one you have there. There is no right way to do it. So I will just say what I would do if it was my window.

I would take the view that I was covering the wall and not the window. I would fit a pair of curtains of equal width. Then have them meet at the center of the curtain rod.

When you open the curtains you will just push them further back to the left than the right. The only other thing you could do, but it sounds like it’s a bit too late. That would be to fit a curtain rod that has no obvious central point. Such as a center support bracket.

Best regards