Where is Ardlethan?

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Would a resident of Ardlethan say a kelpie is just like any other dog? The kelpie is acclaimed by some, and certainly the locals here, as the most outstanding sheep dog in the world. It appears that many in the world agree with these sentiments. This breed of dog, originally bred here in 1870, can now be found in over 400 countries. That’s a remarkable achievement, coming from a small town.

With approximately 450 people, Ardlethan is a convenient stopping place for travellers. The village is located at the junction of the Burley Griffin Way and the Newell Highway. Travellers, particularly on the Newell Highway, have a long distance to travel to the next town if they don’t stop at this town.

Where is Ardlethan?

The town is well planned. The streets are orderly and the homes compact. As such, it is easy for the locals to get to the shops.

Speaking of shops, the town is better serviced by retail shops than we would expect for such a small community. For the most part, residents can get anything they need locally, quite remarkable for a village of 450.