Where is Barellan located?

Approaching from Griffith, the sign greeting you to Barellan says the town has a population of 390+1. Obviously a local of note lives here and deserves to be singled out.

What we do know of the town is that it was the birth place of Evonne Goolagong (later Evonne Cawley). Evonne was a top ranked tennis player in the world for some ten years.

Barellan is a village that is quite spread out for its small population. This means your neighbours are not too close, which we think is not such a bad thing. As a general rule, it looks like the locals take pride in their homes, having well kept gardens.

Where is Barellan located?

According to one resident, a local shop, making gourmet pizzas, is the best they have ever tasted. This shop is relatively new. If this claim is true, then how blessed is the town? Who does not love pizza?

Quite different to other towns in the area, the sport the locals follow is Australian football. The local team is called the Two Blues. It seems every time we see the results for this team, they beat their opponents by massive scores. The town must be a good breeding ground for Aussie rules players.