Where is Blayney located?

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Blayney statistics:

Population: 3,000

Postcode: 2799

Annual rainfall: 766mm

Temperatures (average): 10-26C summer, -1-10C winter

In Blayney you will see a mixture of the past and future. Why do we say they past? Most towns and villages in the shire can date their origins to the early 1800′s. Why do we say the future? As fossil fuel reserves decline, alternative energy sources will be required to power our population into the future, and this small town is leading the way.

The township is located in the central tablelands of New South Wales. It is less than half an hour from Bathurst and Orange. Heading further west on the Mid Western Highway is Cowra.

As can be seen from the average temperatures, Blayney has a cool climate. Winters are cold, but summer is very pleasant. Four distinct seasons bring the best out of nature.

So there are a few interesting facts about the town and area. But what does Blayney have to offer a new resident?

Where is Blayney located?


Schools. The town has one primary school, one high school and one pre-school. There is also a Catholic school catering for students up to year 10.

Health. The District Hospital provides facilities for accident/emergency, medical, aged care, health promotion, district nurses, and the Community Health Centre. There are two medical practices with two full-time doctors.

Transport.Country Link provides a rail service from Sydney to Dubbo via Orange and return on a daily basis. There is a bus service to Grenfell. The closest airport is at Bathurst.

Sport. Indoor sporting facilities, including a heated swimming centre, gymnasium, aerobics room and a two court indoor stadium for basketball, volleyball or netball are catered for at Centre Point Leisure Centre.

Any potential resident should consider the town’s proximity to the cities of Orange and Bathurst. Any services unavailable locally will be available in these cities.


As we mentioned in the introduction, Blayney has something to appeal to those who like the past or are interested in technology. The towns in the shire are old. And a lot of history is preserved. You can see the past, not only in this town, but also Carcoar and Millthorpe, also located within the shire.

Where is Blayney located?

As man looks for energy sources to provide for the ever-increasing demands of our population, he must look beyond the limited supply of fossil fuels. So alternatives developed to date include solar, hydro and fuel cells. This town has taken advantage of wind. The largest wind farm in Australia is located within the shire, able to power 3,500 homes.


Employment. For a small town there is a large number of quite-varied businesses operating in the shire. One of the largest is Friskies Pet Care, satisfying cats across the nation, and employing close to 400 people. The local council will provide details of other industry in the shire.