Where to get Car Rental Discount Codes?

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The answer is very simple – frequent flyer programs or hotel loyalty programs.

With enrollment to any frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs, you get special discount codes immediately and for free. By enrollment to any of this program, you do not have some obligations.

Consequently, it means that in less then 5 minutes you get up to 20% discount. Above all, you will obtain miles or points for your program, which can lead you after some great rewards.

Where to get Car Rental Discount Codes?

Car rental discount codes will give you discount depending on partnership agreement between frequent flyer program, hotel loyalty program and car rental company. However, I would like to reveal some secret for you.

In reality, there are no discount codes, which can save your money for the same service. The exceptions are corporate or business programs and, in some car rental companies, 5% discount for its frequent renter program members. Why?

Discount codes are marketing tricks, because in most cases you book service not car, which means that car rental can give you any car in this category. Therefore, if you use discount codes then most likely you get worse car. In the end, it means that you will have higher risk, which can lead you to some additional payments.

For example, they will give you car with small scratches somewhere, which you will not see when you will pick it up. They will make notes and when you will return your car or simply drop-off it in some car rental station, they will charge your credit card in addition for that scratch. Believe me, it can be anything and if you will read car rental terms & conditions, you will find a lot off such possibilities.