Where to go to eat the best Goan food?

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Fish being the main ingredient of Goa, finding fish curry in Goa is not mission impossible. It is surprising to know that the best Goan fish curries tend to be found in the least pretentious restaurants. In Panjim to eat fish curry you should head towards Ritz. Excellent fish curry can also be found in Anand Ashram in Rua de Janeiro opposite to the famous Venite with its famous graffiti-laden walls.

The surprising part of Goa food is that you get the best of it in the unlikeliest of places. Lloyd’s in Candolim, is open only late at night till about six in the morning. Along side tandoori, rice and dal, you are also offered with chourisso [pickled pig’s liver cooked in vinegar with a pinch of tamarind] and vindalho [spicy pork]. One of the main raw ingredients of Goa food includes coconut sauces.

If you are on a one to two day visit in Goa, and just have to go to one restaurant, make it Bomra’s. Ranging from Burmese to Italian food, Bomra is a simply splendid restaurant serving wonderful gourmets and exotic drinks.

Exotic drinks found in Goa

Along with food, even drinks are of great importance in Goa. With “Feni” being the national drink in Goa, it’s really wonderful to laze in the beaches and also sip coolly the exotic wines and champagnes.

Where to go to eat the best Goan food?

Toddy is a real refreshing drink that when boiled and strained produces wonderful palm jaggery, the coarse brown slabs of sugar used in Goan sweet dishes. There is a different type of Feni called “Caju Feni”, derived from the cashew apple. Cashew Feni is drunk after the first distillation and when double filtered and flavored with ginger, sasparilla and cumin tends to produce a real tasty liqueur. Where to eat?

To taste the best Goa food, you can have sausage pau at Ernesto’s, a bacalhau [salted cod] at Horseshoe, gambas a piri-piri at Casa Portuguese and smoked mackerel with beef salad at Bomra’s.