Which Beer Has The Lowest Carb?

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Which Ones Are The Lowest?

One low carb item that is becoming extremely popular is Low Carb Beer and other forms of alcoholic beverages. While most low carb diets basically prohibit beer and alcohol, others permit it after the first few weeks on a limited basis.

We do not actually “advise” drinking low carb beer or alcohol as it inhibits weight loss and you burn the alcohol first as fuel before your fat.
But, we do understand that life goes on and there are times and celebrations when drinking a couple of beers may happen. If so, it is wise to choose a low carb beer if possible and then get back to your low carb diet soon after and not continue this on a daily basis or you will go backwards on what you have worked so hard to achieve !

That being said, we have a list of low carb beer that are the lowest in carbs for you, beginning with the lowest of them all, Michelob Ultra Low Carb Beer, on up to the regular lower carb premium low carb beer brands. The newest low carb beer (as low as the Michelob product), is Rock Green Light and made especially for all you low carbers ! :

Note : We do not sell these low carb beer products here and have no connection to them, low carb beer is listed here for educational purposes only…

Low Carb Beer (Carbohydrates per 12 oz.)

Michelob Ultra Low Carb Beer = 2.6 g

Which Beer Has The Lowest Carb?

Rock Green Light Low Carb Beer = (new) 2.6 g

Miller Lite = 3.2 g

Amstel Light = 5.0 g

Coors Light = 5.0 g

Bud Light = 6.6 g

Heineken = 9.8 g

Budweiser = 10.6 g

Coors = 11.3 g

Michelob Light = 11.7 g

Rolling Rock = 13.0 g

Miller Genuine Draft = 13.1 g

Sources: Realbeer.com; USA TODAY research

As you can see, most low carb beer is fairly low in carbs, while others, as you go down the list, start getting into more carbs than you may be able to handle and still stay on your diet ! Overall, the low carb beer on the list are the lowest of the ones that are out there.

Remember that “most” alcohol has no carbs such as vodka, rum, gin and tequila for example. You may add these to diet sodas or mixes below for a tasty low carb drink. Always read your labels though to be sure !

Other Low Carb alcohol (or non) drinks :

We recommend Baja Bobs Drink Mixes for great taste and low carbs ! They come in many delicious flavors and have no sugar. Try the powder drink mixes or the liquid bottles. These are wonderful and keep you on your diet while you continue to have a social life or enjoy a low carb beer or drink at home or with friends! Try some of the delicious flavors like Wild Strawberry Margaritas, Desert Lime, Sweet & Sour or have a Bloody Mary or regular Margarita ! The mixes start at just $6.99 and make a half gallon or more !