Which foods to avoid to be disease free, and rid those annoying food allergies?

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This almost seems like a misnomer, foods to avoid.

What is food?

Technically, some of these aren’t even foods. By definition food should be a nourishment to the body, nutrients taken in to nourish and sustain.

Just because you can eat it doesn’t make it ‘food’. If our bodies can’t use what we eat, by definition, it isn’t food. It is a foreign body which our bodies must try hard to get rid of, with minimal damage.

Fortunately for us our bodies are remarkably engineered, and there are remedies in place to help with the elimination and minimization of the toxins we daily ingest.

Unfortunately this has led us to a false sense of security, and dare I say it, stupidity. And we now eat whatever we want to, regardless of how sick it is making us.

Our bodies will only hold out for so long. After a time, it will get too much, and in will come sickness and disease.

And we then run off to the doctor in the mistaken belief that he can heal us of whatever ails us, by giving us more toxins to ingest. Or to spread upon the itch. To stem the indigestion. Or to help with breathing, or to stop the pain.

(Just a note on doctors – I’m pretty hard on them on this site. I do think doctors have their place, I just think that we have given them more authority over our health than they ought to have.)

Junk food abundance

Where ever we turn now, we are bombarded with new ‘foods’. Fast food outlets are making a killing, literally. Us.

Which foods to avoid to be disease free, and rid those annoying food allergies?

Fast food obesity, yes there is a link, regardless of how much we try to blame genetics, is on the rise. Our children are getting fatter, and sicker.

We search in vain for fast food nutrition facts, so we can justify eating this stuff that’s killing us. The simple fact is, there are no nutrition facts, because these foods are devoid of nutrition.

These foods to avoid are simply cooked to death in trans fatty fats, made to look good, and then presented to us as food. Which our bodies have to try to eliminate as quickly as possible.

The stink thing is, most of these foods began life as real nutrient blessing for us. Till we destroyed it.

And there is an abundance of these foods now. I think these are definite foods to avoid.

Have you looked at the food labels?

But have you ever checked the food labels? Have you ever looked a little deeper.

Here’s a thought, why do these foods have to have nutrients added to them? Shouldn’t they already be good for you?

Some of these foods have to have the nutrients added to them, because initially all the goodness got processed out, and now there is nothing left of any benefit.

Another thing to consider about food labels is the order in which the ingredients appear. Did you know that they are listed in the order of highest amount first, and then next highest, and so on down the list?

So, when we read a label, and the first ingredient is sugar, that is telling us, that this product has more sugar in it than anything else. Have you noticed how many labels have sugar, or water as the first ingredient? Something to think about.

Foods to avoid

In a list, here we go.

  • processed foods,
  • dairy, (i.e. milk, cheese, butter)
  • white rice,
  • hydrolyzed oils, for example margarine, this is vital on the list of foods to avoid!
  • white flour,
  • pasta, (this is just processed white flour)
  • processed meats, (I would say all meat, but for those who can’t rid all meat, at least get rid of the processed rubbish),
  • white and brown sugar, and golden syrup (it’s not the pure sugar form we all thought that it was), and
  • artificial sweeteners, for example Aspartame,

As I build this site, I will add more information about each of these foods to avoid.

But for now, check the food labels.

Those food allergies which so many of us are suffering from, can and will be cleared up – if we rid our bodies of the toxins we have been feeding them.

For example, asthma, and eczema , have a direct link to dairy. Eliminate dairy for a week or two, and see if you notice the difference.

And then when you do, keep it out. Dairy is not as important as we have been conditioned to believe that it is.

It is amazing, that all the nutrients we need are firmly packed in the natural foods which our creator has blessed earth with.

We just have to be wise in our food choices, and know which foods to avoid.

Genetically modified food.

I nearly forgot, a vast majority of foods make it to our isle without a full genetically modified label on it, something to do with how it is manufactured, and placed in our foods.

A little concern I would think. It’s just another reminder to bring things back to basics.

You know, this change in lifestyle isn’t as hard as you may think.

Back to basics

It is simply, making things more simple.

Simple meals, simple ingredients, more basic, less ‘gourmet’ tastes.

In medieval times, it is interesting to note, that the healthiest people were actually the peasants, who had to content themselves with ‘rye’, or whole grain, brown bread. You know, the ‘lumpy’, grainy stuff.

The sickest people around were the rich, who lived in splendor with their servants preparing rich, smooth white loaves of bread.

Notice the coincidence to our foods today? Or is it just me?