Which of the Florida beaches should you pick for your wedding?

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Florida beaches are beautiful places and there are many to choose from. You want your beach wedding to be romantic and special. That is why you decided on a beach wedding in the first place Right?

Maybe you have already found your paradise beach for the happy event. If not I will guide you through some of my favorite Florida beaches.

I have carefully selected some of the beach locations that I find specially fitted for a beach wedding ceremony.

Beaches of Anna Maria Island, Naples Beach, Dog Island Beach, Miami Beach and Clearwater Beach.

More Florida beaches will be added later.

These are beaches that will make the perfect surroundings for your wedding day. They have the right intimacy and privacy for a beach wedding.

In addition these Florida beaches have nearby hotels and other facilities so that a reception of your choice can be easily arranged. Not to mention preparing for your wedding night Which of the Florida beaches should you pick for your wedding?


A clearwater beach wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. I simply love those Florida beaches and the surrounding area and so does the readers of USATODAY.com They have ranked Clearwater Beach in their 2001 Top 10 list of Best Beaches from Maine to Hawaii.

Which of the Florida beaches should you pick for your wedding?

Do you want to arrange a clearwater beach wedding? If so you have made and excellent choice and clearwater will always be your special beach…

Clearwater is a perfect place to have your wedding because:

* It more affordable, quieter and calmer than other more prominent destinations which is an important issue to take into consideration when you want to create a perfect wedding.

* The city has been named the safest of all Florida cities by Money Magazine poll. No need to tell you why that is positive for you and your guests. You don’t want your guests to feel insecure or worse on your special clearwater beach wedding day do you?

Which of the Florida beaches should you pick for your wedding?

* The city of Orlando is only 90 minutes away.

* The beach has been designated as a blue wave beach – a beach that protects its natural assets. We like that don’t we?

* Incredible sunsets that can not be described – only experienced…or maybe seen on the TV set….:-)

What more can I say GO FOR IT!!

You should decide if you want to have both the wedding ceremony and the reception on the beach. Don’t forget that a reception outdoors can be somewhat harder to prepare. Think about the wind and the rain and the bird droppings on your mother in law. With that in mind it might be smart to arrange the reception in a nearby beach resort!

Just an idea!

On the other hand if you are thinking a small and intimate wedding with just a few guests (something that is perfect for beach weddings) than you can arrange the whole wedding and reception at the beach.

As long as you are not a big party that needs to section out a private part of the beach with reception chair or tables you can have the wedding in most Florida beaches.

Maybe you can bring beach/picnic blankets or beach chairs for the guests in stead.

If you wish to make it simple and informal clearwater beach wedding it is possible to set up a canopy (10×10) and additional folding chairs immediately before the service anywhere on the sand beach.

You can also choose to be wedded on one of five special and beautiful beach locations Here you can cordon off for your ceremony and the reception too.

If you wish to reserve an area of the beach. Contact the City Parks and Recreation Department ( 727-562-4800) no less than 30 days before your happy event. There is a fee charged by the City for a reserved area. Sorry to say alcoholic drinks are not permitted on the beach.

The Beach Recreation Center has a social hall and a nicely landscaped area with a large deck facing Mandalay Bay. It is available for rental through the City clerks & Recreation Dept. 727-562-4800. An alternative location is Sand Key Park. This is a county facility with beautiful landscaping, grassy picnic shelter areas and a wide white sand beach. Arrangements must be made through the Park Ranger.

Well there you have it lovebirds! Go get married! Which of the Florida beaches should you pick for your wedding?