Which Pests Are Affecting The Orchids?

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Orchids are not generally bothered by all the same pest as our normal garden flowers. Following are some pest to be aware of:

Slugs – This is an outdoor problem. These nighttime assassins can tear up your orchids. Solution: Sprinkle at regular intervals with a “slug liquid” marketed to dispose of these pest.

Weevils – If you have these you’ll notice sudden holes in your orchid’s leaves or chunks missing from around the edges. Solution: There are solutions specific to controlling weevils. You’ll spray the formula every 5 days to get rid of the weevils and their eggs.

Scale – There are 2 types of scale you could encounter when growing orchids:

First – This one attacks Phaleanopsis orchids in particular and can be viewed by looking at the underside of the leaves (small hard brown creatures). Solution: You can either wipe them off with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits or use a systemic insecticide. Systemic insecticides act by being absorbed into the plant tissue and thereby making the plant poisonous to it’s attacker.

Second – This one had a taste for Cattleya’s and their cousins and is called “Boisduval Scale”. If your orchids are being attacked by this pest you’ll notice flat, round scales on the underside of the plants leaves. These must be eradicated fast or it will take over your orchids and kill them. Solution: You will need to combine an insecticide and fungicide together. This will cover your orchids with a white dust but will save the plant.

Mealybugs – These will usually appear as a cotton wool ball around the leaf axils or inside the sheaths of new shoots. Solution: Use the same type of insecticide / fungicide mix mentioned for Scale. If localized you could wipe them off with methylated spirits.

Which Pests Are Affecting The Orchids?

Thrips – Greenfly – Blackfly – Spider Mites: these can all gain a foothold. Solution: Spraying is effective if they are bad, wiping the individual leaves if the problem is localized.

Diseases affecting Orchids:

Some of the disease problems affecting orchids are: Leaf rot, Mildew, Botrytis, and many additional Pathogens. Solution: By keeping good air movement, and making sure the leaves are fairly dry at night, most fungal problems will not be a factor. If you do have an issue, make sure there is good air flow, dry leaves at night, and add a fungal spray. With fungal sprays consult the contents directions for save and correct usage.