Which Snowboard Clothing To Choose?

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Ski or Snowboard Clothing, Just because you snowboard does that mean you can not wear ski gear? Just Because you ski does that mean its a no no to wear snowboard gear? Well For all you out there asking these questions or similar questions, the answer is No. Wear what ever your like!

Whether you wear ski or snowboard clothing it is all developed for the same elements. When doing either sport you still need protection from the cold harsh elements.


New materials have seen he ability to make jackets breathable, light weight, compact, and warmer even when its wet, they survive wear and tear a lot better, and best thing is there all size, shape color and sizes, to suit everyone. Form and function is defiantly put into practice in the waterproofing, wind proofing and breath ability of these jackets, while still maintaining new and fashionable styles. And Suitable for ski or snowboard clothing.


When buying snowboard pants always think about the conditions you will be riding in, this will help you determine if you snowboard pants are heavy or light enough for you. Because having comfortable and warm gear is important, and once you have that you can enjoy your boarding in comfort and warmth.

Which Snowboard Clothing To Choose?

Snowboard and Ski Beanies

You lose so much heat through your head… Thats why its important to keep your head warm on those chilly day. Along with keeping your head warm on those chilly days, you might want to think about those incredible snowboard days when the sun in beaming down on you face, maybe you might like to think about a cap or brimmed hat for a little sun protection.

Snowboard T-shirt

Snowboard T shirts, there are a great thing to have on those oh so mellow sunny days up the mountain. Sometimes its just to hot for a jacket, and that means its time to snowboard in your t-shirt. I recommend wearing a longer thermal of singlet underneath, just in case you take a tumble, its good to have something to tuck into your snowboard pants, so that you do not get snow in your underwear.

Warm Socks

These are great for both skiing and snowboard you need them to keep warm, depending on how tight or loose you boots are, adjust the thickness of you socks.

Goggles and Sunglasses

When it comes to eye protection, it is never limited to a certain type of snow sport. Although you can get specialist gear, you will find for everyday snowboarding that goggles and glasses will do skiing or snowboarding.