Which sound card fits your whishes?


As the name already says, a sound card is a card which takes care of the sound of your computer. There are several types of cards. In the basic office computers they are mostly onboard, which means that these are not a card but the card is integrated on the motherboard.

Then there are several types of cards as shown above which are very different. There are 5.1 surround sound cards, 7.1 surround cards etc. etc.

But also here is the question: for what purpose are you going to use the card for?

Also by purchasing a new one you need to know for what purpose you are going to use the card for. This because there are many different types of cards with very different prices available on the market.So also by buying a new one you should answer questions like: for what do you need it? Do you need to have surround sound or just front speakers? Do you want to imitate a cinema? Such questions can be practical before buying a new one.

Let me help you.

Do you want to have sound like in a cinema?
If you want to have a fantastic imitation just like in a cinema then you can buy a 7.1 surround card. A 7.1 surround sound card is a card where you can connect up to 7 speakers and has 1 subwoofer to create a fantastic sound just like in the cinema. You can place these 7 speakers in each corner of the room to create the surround sound and the subwoofer for example in the center to create even a better overall sound.So if you want to watch movies from your computer or play the newest games and you want a fantastic sound you can choose the 7.1 surround sound card.These cards are the most expensive cards on the market so if you don’t really need such a sound you can better choose another one.

Which sound card fits your whishes?

Do you want to have great sound which is not too expensive?
If you want to have a sound which is better than just the the basic like in the office and you want to listen your favorite music quite loud and with a good bass. Or you want to play games with a good and realistic surround sound, you can choose for a 3D card or a 5.1 surround card. To the 5.1 surround card you can connect up to 5 speakers and has 1 subwoofer to create a good surround sound. The 3D card gives a good 3D sound which is also a middleclass card. For these purposes these cards are very good and they are not too expensive.

Do you use your card just for office use?
If you only need a bit sound when you are working on your computer and for example you want to play a background music like internet radio, or you want to view some small video clips or etc. you don’t need a 7.1 or 5.1 or 3D card. Then a basic card is enough. A basic card is just a card with a stereo sound out (speakers), microphone in and maybe a stereo sound in. For these purposes it is a good card. These cards are the cheapest cards. In many (newer) computers these basic cards are integrated on the motherboard (onboard) and you don’t need to buy a card.Which sound card fits your whishes?

Before buying a new sound card you have to be sure that your computer is compatible with that card. You can for example buy the most expensive card which has 7.1 surround sound and a is the best card there is. But if you have an old Pentium 2 computer with 2 old and small speakers attached to it, the sound will not be a super cinema surround sound. So you have to be sure that your computer is compatible with the card and that you buy a good speaker set which is also compatible with the card.

So before buying a new sound card, check if the computer is compatible with the card, that you know for what you are going to use the it for and now how much you want to spend for a sound card. If you have done this don’t buy the very first sound card you see but look around for a while and compare prices. For example visit some online computer shops to compare prices and you will see that the prices are very different.