Which Vasque Hiking Boots Should I Choose?

Trying to figure out which Vasque hiking boots are best for your needs can be quite challenging. They have about two dozen models available, including the legendary Sundowner GTX, and some technical terminology. Here we will help you narrow down the options, understand the terminology, and provide you with background information on Vasque. All this will help you find the best Vasque hiking boots for you.


Year founded : Boots have been made by the Red Wing Shoe Company since 1965
Headquarters : Red Wing, Minnesota, USA
Corporate Social Responsibility : Vasque has a number of initiatives supporting corporate social responsibility ranging from reducing environmental impacts to trail advocacy. The following is a listing of many of these:

  • Vasque Project – protecting trails, supporting athletes, community, and stewardship
  • Eco-friendly practices – initiative to include 100% post consumer recycled cardboard in packaging, leather used from ISO 14-0001 and BLC certified tanneries, long life span quality products, green marketing materials, and corporate initiatives to reduce waste, protect environment, and save money.
  • Support for trail advocacy organizations – American Hiking Society, Leave No Trace, Outdoor Industry Association, Continental Divide Trail Alliance, Appalachin Trail Conservancy, Access Fund (keeping climbing areas open and conserving climbing environment), and National Park Foundation

Which Vasque Hiking Boots Should I Choose?

Gear Summary : Vasque places a heavy emphasis on athleticism, fit and function. From a functional standpoint, their models focus on being designed for agility, stability, and/or endurance. The boots range from those meant for professional alpine expeditions to backpacking and day hikes. The Vasque hiking boots for day hikes are designed to be breathable, light, and agile.

Grades of Vasque Hiking Boots:

Going from the highest grade to daily wear boots, Vasque has technology specific to each level of boot. The primary levels that they use from high to low are:

Alpine : Expedition grade. These Vasque hiking boots are very rigid and durable. It is serious and very professional gear for climbing peaks with extreme conditions. Think Mount McKinley.

Which Vasque Hiking Boots Should I Choose?

Backpacking : Boots for backpacking with added stability, durability, and cushioning. The boots are a bit more rigid to accommodate carrying heavier packs. If you are heading out on a hike of multiple days and carrying a bit of extra weight and gear then these are the best Vasque hiking boots for you.

Hiking : The level of boot for most hikers. They are lightweight, athletic and breathable. If you are often going out for day hikes with rocky terrain and of distances anywhere from 3 to 10 or more miles than this is the boot grade for you.

Note: We haven’t included the gear intended for trail running, cross overs, or more urban adventures here. Which Vasque Hiking Boots Should I Choose?

Vasque Hiking Boots Terminology:

This is a summary of the terminology that Vasque uses in its various grades of boots.

Alpine – technology to make boots more durable and insulated

  • Aspen Aerogel : Same hi-tech insulation used by NASA
  • BOA Lacing System : A lacing system with micro-adjustability to replace and improve upon the traditional lacing system
  • SuperFabric : ultra-durable synthetic material for extreme conditions

Backpacking – technology to improve durability

  • SB Foot Leather : High quality leather made down the street from headquarters in Red Wing by SB Foot Tannery

Which Vasque Hiking Boots Should I Choose?

Hiking and sole technology

  • Vibram Contact : Soles with a blend of flexibility and traction, support for day hikes or light overnight