Who are the Famous Chefs in Louisiana?

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There are some Famous Chefs well known for their Cajun Gourmet that have made history with their own unique styles and techniques. Their influences across this nation as well as throughout the world have made the Cajun Cuisine what it is today. Listed here are just a few of the many chefs that have influenced our culture and grandeur that make Cajun Cuisine so special and unique.

John Besh

Acclaimed chef John Besh grew up in Southern Louisiana, learning at an early age the essentials of Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions.

John D. Folse

Over his vast twenty-five year career of culinary excellence, Chef John Folse continues to add to his company, which so happens to be as diverse as the Louisiana landscape that he grew up in. His International acclaim has made Chef John Folse one of the most diverse Cajun Chefs to date.

Emeril Lagasse

Is well known for his Cajun cuisine and talents as a Chef as well as his TV personality. Emeril is a transplanted Cajun Chef in that he was not born and raised in Louisiana. His love for Cajun Cuisine, however, qualifies him as a master chef of Louisiana. Emeril has done so much in developing and expanding the Cajun Gourmet around the world.

Who are the Famous Chefs in Louisiana?

Austin Leslie

Austin Leslie was one of the first truly Famous Creole Chefs of Louisiana. ( Born July 2, 1934 – September 29, 2005) was famous for his Fried Chicken garnished with dill pickles.

Paul Prudhomme

Chef Paul Prudhomme is responsible for catapulting Cajun cuisine into the International spotlight and continues to push the limits by creating his own Magic Seasoning Blends, as well as creating enticing and exciting new American and International dishes.

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson was considered by some to be the first Famous Cajun Chef of Louisiana. (Born April 24, 1914 – September 5, 2001) – Born into the political circuit Justin Wilson chose not to pursuit a political career and instead traveled the country expanding on Cajun culture as a way of life.